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What is the difference between a tablet and a phone? Why is one acceptable to give to young children and the other is not? What can you do on a phone that you can't do on a tablet?


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I agree my daughters friend has a phone at 8yo. Everyone was very judgmental- but their kids are talking to strangers and live streaming themselves on the iPads!

I have one iPad with out a SIM card my children are allowed to play with and if I want them off the internet I turn off the wifi. That’s the only difference between my phone and ipad. I have nothing against people allowing their children phones or iPads as long as they monitor their use and don’t let them sit on it all day. I do judge parents who let their 10-12 year olds have social media.

I have an iPad and an iPhone and they essential do the same thing. Except I can’t make phone calls on my iPad. I thought people got judgey no matter what screen you put in front of your child for whatever reason?

 With the newer ones you can make calls. My ipads ring when my phone rings now. They’re all connected.
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