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Well f**k me!!!

I went to pick up my daughter sunday morning from her fathers house where she stayed the night before. The door was wide open, no one answered when i called out so i walked in, my daughter is just 3, was sitting in a nappy so full of piss and shit it was wet all around her on the floor, absolutely miserable! She was eating a chunk of uncooked two minute noodles, my ex wasnt there but his new gf walked out wearing a bikini, holding a ciggie/joint thing and asked who i am. I grab my daughter and her unpacked bag of stuff i had packed her and started to walk out. Gf starts yelling- i tell her to shut the F up and say im taking my daughter, she calls me all sorts of names and says shes calling the police for kidnapping (WTF?) so i throw a pillow at her and tell her to go fuck herself... apparently according to the police i am in the wrong! Bitch is lucky i didnt bust her face in- my child could have been hit by a fucking car!!! Dead shit dad hasnt been heard from since, has vanished!


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Oh my god....

I don't even know what to say to this...I understand you reaction, but did you clearly state that you're the childs mother and that you're taking her home for fear of her safety? She was probably freaking out because she saw some random women in her house taking her 'step-child'.

But if she knew who you were, then by all means I don't understand the police's reasoning? If she's in danger and lacking parental supervision/decent living conditions then of course you have the right to take her! Maybe next time you pick her up (if you let her visit again), take photos of all the evidence you see right then and there, then take them to court. They won't ever get to have unsupervised visits again...

You did technically assault her there was no need to throw anything at her at all. You are not allowed to enter the house despite the door being open. You should have phoned the police!

 If I saw my child sitting there in those conditions, I'm not going to wait for the fcking police now am I?!
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 The police won't do anything if they have a custody agreement and it's the father's time. While he is clearly a neglectful, selfish loser, a very wet nappy won't be enough for anything to happen.
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 The front door being open is a safety risk and the police should report to docs
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 Docs won't come running because a kid is in a soiled nappy with a door wide open onto a bloody freeway.
Don't take your kid back. He sounds too caught up to bother fighting about it

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He doesn't want to take care of her. I almost cried reading this. I do understand your reaction .. It is hard to remain calm. I hate screaming or being angry in front of my kid. Your daughter must have been upset too.

I assume she had a terrible nappy rash too. She's old enough to be toilet trained so that's one less responsibility for dad if you allow her over there again. Which I don't think u will. That is neglect thru n thru on his behalf.

I have friends that leave babies (shit brand) nappy on all day so they can save money to buy their ice... I've never seen him with a clear bum.. People disgust me.

 Some friend you are! Report them!
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 Regarding the nappy comment, that is neglect and should be reported. How could you know your friends are doing that to their poor kid to buy drugs and not to a thing about it? The kid needs better parents!
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My ex broke in to my house in the middle of the night and just took our baby out of her cot to spite me, he did not get in an ounce of trouble because we had no custody arrangements.

 Oh.My.God. Did you get your daughter back?
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 Yes! He brought her back after 3 weeks of me going out of my mind because he couldn't hack it any more. Worst time of my life, spent every single day with Solicitors trying to get a recovery order and the police wouldn't even tell me if she was okay, it was devastating. I was a wreck!
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 Not a lot of people know that if you have no custody order in place, your ex can take your kids any time they want and not return them. It's horrifying.
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 I wrote this reply and yes, I certainly did not realise before it happened that he could just take our baby and the police could do nothing at all, even if they wanted to. Be aware mums!
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 Um be aware dads too!!!
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 Break and enter is a criminal matter, not a civil one. You should have had him charged with that and then you would have got your baby back while he was detained and questioned. Win, win and all legal.
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My mum did the similar thing, sort of, my father kept me instead of returning me because my mother was neglectful, however he had to work so he left me at his house with his girlfriend now my step mother they had been together for 2 years at this stage. My mum broke in to the house, as it was all locked, and took me, the police were called and they told my step mum, as my mother she had a right to take me and dads gf had no right to say or do anything. But that was 20 odd years ago.

 Did you get back to your dad? Did
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 My mun had custody of me until I ran away at 13, but after that night she did take better care of me unfortunately I cant say the same for her husband
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Oh gosh! I would have reacted the same way! I'm hoping you get full custody and she's never left in that situation again.

How awful, sounds like your daughter would be better off not visiting dad. He obviously doesn't care about taking care of her. I probably would have done more than just throw a pillow at the new gf. Bit*h would have been sporting a busted lip.

A pillow thrown at her is mild compared to what I would have done in that situation

How fu***d is Australian law!

 Totally shit.
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 Horrific, daughter dad is a crack head and alcoholic but the law will protect him unless he commits a child related crime! Wtf no wonder we have so many kids with issues these days
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