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Sex after baby

How long did you wait ?
Was your partner happy
Some women who are raped the day after childbirth by their partner and raped at home
I was one of them
My partner said next time you have a C section
Guess what sweetheart ....never will happen cause I am leaving you when you go to work


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Had a section, waited 6 weeks, still wasn't comfortable (both of us) so waited till about 12 weeks.
Those men that 'can't wait' and force or pressure their partners need to be castrated.

I read that article too. It was awful, those poor women. I'm sorry that happened to you.

My husband waited until I was ready. Anoutt 6 weeks after my first, and 4 after my second. I had two natural births, no stitches.

4 weeks with my first and I didn't feel ready at all but hubby had been so good that I kind of felt like I should. Haven't ever really told him how much I regretted that.
With my second we tried after about 7 weeks and it was awful and painful. I was very upset and we had a long conversation about it and he told me he didn't mind if that wasn't part of our relationship for now, as long as we still had intimacy. So for a long time we did other stuff until I felt like I was really ready. He was very understanding and all up, it took me 16 months to be ready. There were a lot of factors contributing to that length of time, it was a really rough year for us, but things are better now and we're getting back into the swing of things all round.

 Aw that's good to hear, sounds like a man who loves you and respects your feelings.
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Between 5 and 6 weeks. I wait until I'm certain bleeding has totally stopped. My husband doesn't really pressure me, but he does ask a LOT how my bleeding is going. After about three weeks postpartum, he practically wants hourly updates. I know what's on his mind.

 Tell him to [email protected][email protected] off or offer to try pegging.
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 What's pegging?
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 Fu****g a guy in the arse with a strap on/dildo ^^

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 Op of this comment… hahaha that made me laugh. He's not doing it to be a jerk, we both have really high sex drives. I just don't think it's healthy to do it while I'm still bleeding, cervix being open and all
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Well im currently pregnant and on pelvic rest for the whole pregnancy. Hubby has been so understanding. Even when I dont feel like doing anything else. Which I dont the thought discusts me atm I dont know why. I just make sure he gets his alone time to take care of himself lol.

We waited until the day before 6 weeks post baby. Had a vaginal birth and had stitches so we took it extremely slow. Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but was still uncomfortable so we didn't finish. Partner was great, no pressure, didn't care that we didn't finish.

I had a c-sec, had to wait 8 weeks due to complications

My first husband, although he was a bit of a sex maniac, was actually very patient. We tried a couple of times, but it still hurt. Finally, around 6 weeks after baby, it felt good again. My second husband was the opposite of my first husband in that regard. He normally wasn't very keen on sex, but suddenly, just two weeks after I'd had baby, he forced me to have sex with him. His reasoning ? His best mate, who had also had a baby with his wife about a week after ours, had already resumed sex with his wife. So it looked like my second husband was just trying to prove himself. Sex just two weeks after having our baby was really not very pleasant at all. After I healed up and became interested in sex again, he again was barely interested.

OP I'm so glad to hear you are getting away from him. Men who say or think things like that deserve to die alone.

My partner put a lot of pressure on me. Admittedly I don't have the highest sex drive, but he felt I was using "just had a baby" as an excuse not to have sex.

We tried at about 6 weeks, hurt a lot, I just grinned and beared it. It was like this for the next 6 weeks. At about 3/4 months things finally turned back to normal.

 You were using it as an excuse because it IS an excuse!? A totally valid and reasonable one. This guy sounds like a jerk.
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