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Single mums- what do you do at night after the kids are in bed?

I find myself drawn to dating sites just to have adult conversation. None of my friends have children and most are in long term relationships, so they aren't much help. I was wondering what other single mums do when there's no one around to talk to at night.


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My mum met her new man on rsvp. Her bf of 15yrs left her (he was a prick) but then she met a wonderful man. He is lovely. Her shitty ex left a love note in our mail box asking for her back n weird shit- she threw it in the bin :) goodluck op xx

Get organised for tomorrow, catch up on housework I didn't do today, study, read, chill out!!!

I used to call a friend for a chat. Read. Listen to music. Exercise. Do stuff to get ready for the day ahead. Plan and fantasise about our future.

What dating sites do you recommend? Im in the same boat execpt i seperated from my husband not long after moving to a new town so i dont know anyone.

 I've tried nearly all of them! I like plenty of fish the best I think, but oasis and tinder are ok. There are nice guys and douchebags on all of them (I even paid for eharmony and found douchebags on there!) so it depends on what one you find best to use. POF seems more email based to your pof account, tinder and oasis are set up like instant messaging. I didn't like that tinder was linked to your Facebook though... Good luck!
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 Thanks for the information. As its only a recent break up after a long marriage think im more just looking for messages to connect with people as im very shy as well.
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 I met my husband on plenty of fish 😊
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 I met mine on zoosk :-)
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 To meet new friends, not necessarily a new partner try
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