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What did you crave when you were pregnant?

I want to eat fucking everything... Chinese, mcdonalds ect.
But I’m so turned off vegetables the thought of them makes me sick 🤮


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Fresh Passionfruit. Unfortunately even that made me sick though and the pips would come flying out my nose 😂🤮

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Nothing. I just wanted the regular things i ate. Which was disappointing I wanted to crave weird shit like ice cream & pickles. I feel like I missed out.

 Me too!
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Chia pudding with blueberries this time around - iv never liked chia pudding pre pregnancy so it's completely random

OP That’s so random 😂
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All my 8 pregnancies I wanted to eat milk 🥛 almond magnums

OP Jesus Christ women 8 babies!!!
Good job though honestly!

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Craved nothing, apart from junk food; similar to you! The thought of vegetables or salad or meat made me want to gag. I just went with it and ate what I could at the time.

Vegemite mixed with 2 minute noodles. Mashed potato. Each of them in sandwiches.

Ice. Not ice blocks but thin shards of ice I would freeze specially. I would want to crunch ice constantly. All 5 of my pregnancies. I think they called this type of thing "pica".
Other things, plain vegemite, frozen coke, very cold water, salt. All strange stuff.

With my first - anything white or salty like rice, pasta, cheese, bacon. So unhealthy!
I couldn’t cut up or cook chicken or red meat, made me throw up.
Can’t remember with #2 & #3

OP Same!! Cooking meat makes me feel so sick.
Did you have a girl or boy?

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 #1 girl, #2 & #3 boys
It was worse with the girl

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1/3 liquid, 2/3 ice... ice had to be in every drink to make it super cold 🥶

Love Heart ice creams ❤️ with my daughter
Steak with my son

That is their favorites today

Tin spaghetti

 Me too and I hate tin spaghetti
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OP Omg yuck I couldn’t 🤮
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 I hated it but I really needed to eat it. It was weird. I only needed to eat it once and that was it
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Salt on everything. Lemons, apples, tomatoes cucumbers. Craved it in all 4 pregnancies, result= 4 boys 😍

Dirt, I love the smell of wet dirt so I would eat some most days. I still love the smell of wet dirt from the rain 15 years on.

Dark chocolate. Would go through a large bar every day. That's when I stopped throwing up. I had 4 months 24 hours a day of really bad pregnancy sickness with both pregnancies. Hospitalised both times.

OP Did you go to the hospital for being sick? How did you know when was the time to go to the hospital if that was the case?
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