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Coke or water?

Should I give my toddler coke or water in her sippy?


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I buy homebrand cola for the day time. Home brand milk watered down for night time. Phernagan to help her sleep because she wakes all the time hungry. I can't afford weed if i buy too much food

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Ahhhh back in the days when the resident troll was an amateur. How far her troll skills have come since asking this.

Coke is expensive. Who can afford that? Get the 75 centsl soda drinks

Coke, with a splash of bourbon before bed. Not too much, don't want to give your kid a hang over. That would be child abuse.

Coke for sure. People say it will rot their teeth but these people are most likely uneducated bogans who sleep with their siblings 👍

 Thank you for such helpful advice
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Get some crystal meth & teach him how to disolve it in a spoon than mix it with the coke.
Before bed time maybe a dash of rum to help him sleep.... meth will keep him awake & might give him cold sores

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