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New childcare subsidy

I have heard people hate the new subsidy but it will nearly halve my childcare costs and most of the parents at my center are thrilled with it too. What gives? Is it a higher family income that is making some families worse off? What is your experience?


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I do think its much fairer if they have removed that stupid cap of 7500. That was really unfair.

We are slightly better off. Maybe $30 a fortnight, family income is $120k. I think it's now a simpler with just one rebate rather than the two

I know this is a year old thread.
But, wondering what you SAHM out there getting currently from the Centrelink ...?
I am a uni student with 9 years old boy and going through separation and just recently applied for Chilldcare subsidy..

We're worse off. Single income family (hubby works) I look after our 3yr old kid but we choose to send her to child care for 2 days a week for the social element and because we believe its important preparation for school. There just isn't work around for 10-15hrs a week on 2 days a week. I'd like to work and am looking but very limited options. If I were to study we'd be worse off as I'd have to pay for the course and it wouldn't make very much difference as I'd only get a tiny bit of study payment and minimal childcare. We think it's really important that we raise and look after our child for most of the time for the early years. Just a different take of view here.

I havent even got the Subsidy thing in my centrelink "To do TASKS" so I cant complete it yet? hmm

I also find people are confusing the current percentages with the previous percentages. Like the 104% and 108% for subsequent children in care.
If your subsidy is the maximum CCS of 85%, then your total out of pocket day care expense, is 20% (taking into consideration the government withholding 5% & you don’t exceed the hours)
So if full fees for the week are $500, your out of pocket for the week is $100.

 Thats only if you get a full weeks subsidy though.

I work part time, 4 days a week for 5 hours each day. So i get 3 days covered by the subsidy, the 4th day of each week i get charged full fees. 105 a day. So each fortnight it will be 210 plus the gap of the subsidy. Im currently trying to drop my forth day as i will only make like $0 once ive paid the CC fee.

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I still havent got my head around it but I think we will be slightly worse off as we only use OSCH in the mornings and it seems to be based on the number of hours our kids are in there which is only an hour. The old system was based on the amount osch charges us. You cant get only charged for an hour even though they are only in there an hour.

We're about $50/week worse off. Our daycare has an hourly rate much higher than the cap so we are paying a lot. $500/week out of pocket costs for 2 kids in 3 days a week.

Single mum on benifits not studying as i just had baby and statting a new business but im $50 worse off. I understand working families need it more but my child has asd and gdd and needs social interaction as he is far from social and lacks skills. This is his prep for school. And i already have to pull him out for one day because i cant afford it. And yes he does do other social activities but they are for like an hour or 2 at most

 NDIS? Are you eligible
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 Yes we are funded but we are still waiting to be processed. I have applied for carers allowance which is an extra 100 so hopefully that will come in before the new changes but they said we could be waiting up to 3 months
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 Scratch that they just told me 6 months wait!
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 Look for an ECDP. I am a teacher in ECDP and we work hard with our little groups on prep readiness, communication, social skills and motor skills. We also explore sensory inputs and outputs.

There is an application process but it is a great way to get started. It is run by the school so no cost is incurred by parents. The application is sent off to a board so it may be approved or not or may require more documentation. I would get onto it now so you can get in early next term if approved.

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The new subsidy will halve our daycare fees. We are a single income family, both studying, and my partner works full time so that extra money will be an immense help.

3 kids, one in before school care 5 days a week. One split between day care and before school care. One daycare 5 days a week.
I’m single, work full time, I will be approx $100 a week better off.

 My centre has gone & introduced session times to try and help people get as many hours cars as they need, without going over the hours.
I now have 5 * 10 hour daily sessions, which puts me right on the 50 hours.
Perfect for me.

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