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Best sex stories

Come on ladies share your best sexual experiences!!!


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You first

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 yeh you might of got a better response if you started with a good story
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Well this thread has been a massive disappointment 😂

I’m actually surprised the wannabe erotica writer hasn’t shown up for this thread

My husband and I were newlyweds when we went to stay with my family though Christmas
We were always horny and still in the honeymoon stage of our marriage stopped on the drive there to f**k on the bonnet on the side of the road as people drove past
Then on Christmas Eve we snuck out to the kitchen to have sex on the bench
My aunt had been cutting up chillies on the bench and didn’t wipe it down
It really burnt but we kept going to try to f**k out the hurt
I ended up with burns and had to go to the hospital the next day with my mother and explain in front of my mother what happened
She didn’t stop wiping down the bench while we were there

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 I've had deep heat up the vag after hubby didn't wash it all off his hands lol. Burnt like a bitch
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 The car bonnet thing sounds fine but having sex on a dirty kitchen bench even after you felt the burning is just gross
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I licked a buthole once....

 We’ve all licked a Buthole
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 ^ no we most certainly have not 😂
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 You should try it
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 Nahhhh thanks I’m good
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 But whyyyyyyy?????
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 Drugs.. i was as high as a kite.. back in the day
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 If you have ever had it done to won’ mind returning the favour!
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 ^ wrong again! That is an absolute no-go zone for me and is the easiest way to get me completely turned off (boyfriend keeps trying to convince me to like it though 😡)
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Met an older bloke who knew how to eat pussy like a boss. The best oral I hands down have ever had... The sex wasn't too bad either.

I had known this man for about 2 months, we were friends but I was still with my abusive ex. There was a tonne of sexual tension. After I left my ex we went out for dinner and a movie. Got back to his place where he threw me against the wall, slid off my pants and went down on me. He then put my legs over his shoulders, picked me up against the wall and slid inside me. He hit places that I never knew about and gave me the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

 If you are standing and he is going down on your and then he puts your legs on his shoulders so you your pussy would be facing his face how on earth would he be able to get his penis inside you?
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 ^ hahaha that’s what I was thinking 😂😂😂 that’s some contortionist shit happening there
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 Not contortionist shit.........more like bullshit

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 Dear penthouse..
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