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How many times a week do you air bedrooms and the house ?


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Every day, I live in Australia where we keep the doors and windows open.

Oh I must be weird, I hate having windows and doors open. I think it's a safety issue for me and I hate that people can hear us or that we hear them.

 Talking about 30 min a day when you’re home
Bet your house and bedrooms stink
Stop talking loud

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 Shut the f**k up idiot. You know nothing about this woman and what her house smells like.
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Only when it's warmer outside. I live in Canberra, no way am I opening the house up in winter.

 To kill germs

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 10 min a day is enough
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 ^in which case us going in and out of the door during the day lets in fresh air. Houses aren't air tight, fresh air gets in.
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I only ever shut my windows if it's very hot or very cold and also at night, as soon as I'm awake I am opening all the windows, I don't know how people live without fresh air and sunshine flowing through.

All day everyday! Fresh air is free and one of the best things in life. I’d be claustrophobic if all the windows and doors were closed

I live in Brisbane so I don’t close my bedroom windows unless there is rain blowing in that direction. It’s too hot in summer to close them at all, winter they may get half closed. The only exception is when I have the aircon on, then I open them in the morning.

Everyday I open my teenage sons window. His room stinks. My side door is always open for some fresh air.

Every day! In summer with air con on might have to close me up though :(
Otherwise they’ve been open most winter and during autumn and spring. Closed by the evening so spiders And bugs don’t venture in

In Melbourne...whenever it's over 15 degrees so the house doesn't get too cold

Everyday. The only time the windows are shut is when the aircon is on. The front and back doors are open if we are home, I just leave the screens locked.

3 or 4 days a week. Depends on how hot/cold it is really.

Everyday, rain hail or shine.
I hate having a closed up house.
The exception is when the aircon is on but even then I’m known to have the back door open for the fresh air😂