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Positive stories for low HCG levels.

My levels have come back at 51 at 4+3. Doctor said it's very low and to expect a miscarriage. (He was heartless) anyone else had low levels and everything been ok?? I'm getting bloods again on Monday. But I am a mess 😭😭


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I was approx. 4 weeks (maybe a day or 2 under), with an ECG of 35. All was fine - perfect pregnancy and delivery (c-section).

I'm sorry ♥ I do hope it goes okay for you ♥
As others have said first trimester is the sucky one of waiting to get passed all the risky times 😔
Sometimes doctors seem heartless but they are just really realistic and maybe lack some compassion.

I had low levels, miscarried before the follow up test. Got pregnant on my next cycle.

Your hcg really should be at least triple that at 5 weeks. Is it possible you’re not as far along as you thought? All you can do is wait until Monday unfortunately and hope those numbers have gone up substantially. The numbers going up are more important than the number itself.

I’ve had 2 early miscarriages (and 2 healthy pregnancies that went to term) and it sucks. Unfortunately the first trimester is all about waiting and hoping, especially harder if you already had a loss. Fingers crossed you get happy results on Monday xx

Sorry, this happened to me and I did have a miscarriage 2 days later. Not what you want to hear though...

Some women have naturally low levels or an ovulation cycle outside the norm. The best test is the serial hCG levels. You want to see it, at least, nearly double over a 48 hours period in early pregnancy. At about 6.5-7weeks they should also be able to use internal US probe to see the flicker of an early heartbeat and initial development of the amniotic sac. If your OB isn't supporting your emotional health as well as your physical health, find a better fit for you. Pregnancy can make you crazy, the right doctor makes all the difference.