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How many businesses have to fold before everyone catches on that we're in a recession?


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It's true. All manufacturing is done in cheap Asian countries. We import cheap 457 visa labour. Australia is up the shit.

 Oh because you read it on the internet it must be true??? Please get your facts straight before posting such garbage ✌
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 Really? Grow up. I've turned away (at boss' orders) Australian workers who are looking for work after being laid off whilst knowing there are 2 457 visa workers in the workshop out back. Fact.
Fabrication work is being given to overseas companies. Fact.
Would you like any more examples brainiac?
Just stay in your peanut gallery and please, be quiet.

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 Just chill babe I think you're missing the point. The post says ALL manufacturing. That's absolute bullshit. My products are manufactured right her in Perth. Don't get your knickers in a such a twist over this. There are much bigger things going on right now to be getting upset over ✌
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 ^^Just chill babe. The post says ALL manufacturing which I'm correcting. All of my manufacturing is done right here in Perth and I can tell you I'm not the only one. There really is no point in getting upset over something so trivial when there are bigger things going on right now. ✌💜
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 ^whoops. I rewrote after I thought i deleted it 😂
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 Diff responder. What products? I think that is kind of important...ok not all but overwhelmingly, yes.would you still disagree?!
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 Thought 457 workers had to be skilled workers? And the ones I've met in health care were paid the same as other registered nurses
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 ^My point exactly that this thread about manufacturering is BS.
Once again, get your info correct before posting such crap

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 When do you go buy clothes, toys, tools, crayons, sherbet off the shelf and read the label?
Straight out of china, Bangladesh etc.
Footbridges over highways- made in china. Disgraceful. We are sending Aussie dollars abroad.

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 I support Australian sourced and made as much as I can. It takes some homework first but it is definitely achievable and to me, well worth the effort
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It’s true and I agree, we are in a recesssion and it will only get worse. I don’t know many small businesses that are successful anymore

80% of the economy is going backwards. Google it.

 ^^I googled it. Nothing there
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I do think our economy is in trouble but our 2 businesses are doing extremely well. That's us though. I can't speak for anyone else

So many people with they're head in the sand. You probably voted liberal....lemmings

My comment got deleted 🤷 basically I said it's not necessarily a recession. A lot of these companies closing down, the retail ones, keep alive online like dick Smith etc and just don't have physical stores any more because that's just the way the world's gone these days

We're not ima recession, bricks and mortar retail is dead is all.

Don't worry there's still plenty of stupid rich people out there to take money from....ohh look a shiny thing I'll take one ...idiots 🧡

 Ummmmmmmm ok. Put down the crack pipe bushpig
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Honestly, what are you expecting people to do?

 Wake up
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 ^I've been awake since 6am. What else you got??
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It’s not a recession. Some businesses are thriving. Others are struggling, like retail stores, because of the changes in society and the way we shop.

 ^👍 The way it's always been
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My business is thriving

 Mine too 👊
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