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What is life like as a FIFO wife?

My partner has an opportunity to make some amazing money doing Fifo work.Money we could really use to get ahead. We are worried we wont be able to handle being away from each other. Do you get use to it? Any stories or advice would be great. We have 4 kids under 5 but I have a lot of family support at home.


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Shit, hard, horrible... wouldn’t wish it on anyone

It’s been 3 years. If my partner wasn’t such a wonderful man I wouldn’t live with this situation, I’d move on. But he is a wonderful person so I stay and try to make the best of it. So many lonely days and nights. We renovate homes as our business/income so I work at home so to speak, it’s hard.

While not a traditionally FIFO Job, hubby had to work away from us last year, 8 away and 6 home, with one day travel each way in that 6. Kids were DD 11 and DS 9. Whilst the money was good, it nearly killed our marriage to be honest. DS had some bullying issues at school and really needed that male role model around all the time. He is a gentle soul and as his mum my first response was a desire to thump the bully on his behalf!!!! My husband was able to talk to him about how boys handle things and how to start to learn to stand up for himself. But because this was then followed by absences, I found I was becoming resentful of the time away from the family. Dh in turn was feeling isolated from the problems as he works 80 plus hours in those 8 days away and often missed talking to the kids each day. Throw in a few financial issues and it is a recipie for disaster. We had our first of several arguments,, up to that point we had never had cross words with each other and have been married 19 years and together for almost 25, so yes, it placed a lot of stress on our relationship.

We have made the decision to never repeat that year, no matter how good the money is, family is so much more important. I know it works for many familes, and good luck to them, it just doesn't work for us. All my love for whatever your decision.

My husband has been fifo for 5 years and I have a full time quite demanding job. We're pretty happy with the arrangement because we both like a little space. The hardest thing is when he gets home we have to readjust, I get used to doing things my way and he gets annoyed over the dumbest things, like when I moved things in the pantry without asking him. But when he's home he's in charge of the kids and looking after the yard ect, I get a bit annoyed when I've been at work all day and come home to a messy house and still have to cook dinner. You have to trust each other a lot, it's not for insecure couples. We really do have very seperate lives when he's away and we don't talk much when he's at work.