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How many kids and baby daddies do you have? How many is too many??


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I think if you have any amount of kids to more than 2 men you really need to re evaluate your life choices.
I have 2 children to one father, if something happened and we split or for whatever reason I ended up with someone else then okay but a third or fourth time?... nope, something is really wrong there.

 My Mum was 19 when she fell pregnant with my older sister, the father did not stick around, my father died when I was nine, my Mum is now still married to the father of my little sister.
I'm not sure about re evaluating her life choices or if there is something wrong but I can assure you that my Mum is a fantastic parent and a kind person.
She wouldn't judge others like you do.

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 i got pregnant at 14 and again at 19 and the dad killed himself and another one at 24 and dad died from cancer and another one at 28 and the dad is in jail
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 It doesn't matter what people think, it says more about them than it does about you.
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 So you're saying you can't fall in love with anyone, and plan to have a family with that person you love? Lots of things don't work out and sometimes love is one of them. Doesn't mean you can't fall in love again and want to have children with your next love. Honestly who gives a toss what someone else does
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I hate the term baby daddies.

 I hate that term to.
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2 kids 1 father
Who cares how many.
Are you happy?
Are your kids happy?
Do you feel genetically you picked a good match?
Your happiness is all that matters.
Have as many willing baby daddies as you want cos it doesn't effect me. I'll still let my kids visit, I'll still mind yours, I'll still wave at the school to you. I don't care as long as you as a family are happy.

 I love this response.
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 This is great. Well said
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My mum has 3 kids to 3 dads.... I don't think she is a bad person. Totally understand not sticking with the first (he tried to kill my mum and sister... Bad bad man!!) my dad is beautiful but their marriage just didn't work out and my brothers dad was also a controlling dick no more kids for my mum but she isn't with any of the 3 dads for different reasons but that doesn't make her a wh**e or bad person things just didn't work out the way she initially intended with each dad.

 Op to this comment just adding..... I have 1 and 1 on the way with my husband. Everyone is different...
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I have two kids, one dad... If I seperated I don't honestly know how a single mum meets a new person- I don't have time to take care of myself, I find it really cool that people can move on and find new partners with kids- after a relationship has ended.

 Two kids to one dad single mum here. You hit the nail on the head. I haven't found anyone else but then again I'm not looking. The thought of a relationship suffocates me and being a single mum, while hard at times, is easier than being married.
No more kids for me. My two are my world and there's no room for another man or another child in my life.

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65 kids and 54 dads.

 You really need to make better choices. You should be up to 85 dads by this.
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3 kids to 1 dad for me. I think any more than 1 father is unfair on the kids. We're likely to have another child late on down the track, but if we were to split up I wouldn't have any more

2 kids. One baby daddy. How many baby daddies is too many is up to you. And dependant on your situation. But for me, one baby daddy is enough.

One kid to one dad. I want more kids but they will be to another dad now. I used to judge people who had multiple kids to multiple dads, now I know better and know that life can change and it's not that big a deal so long as everyone is happy and healthy :)

 Not one kid to two dads then?
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 Exactly, no one is considering the LGBT community as per usual
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3 children to my husband and I secretly do judge mums with multiple fathers to their children.

 That's your issue though, not theirs
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How longs a piece of string?

 Usually says it on the box.
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 Twice as long as half of it
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3 kids to 2 different fathers. Father of eldest passed away when she was a toddler

I have 3 kids all with the same dad, my husband :-) I'm not going to judge someone if they have a different circumstance. As long as you keep your vagina away from me and my family (hubby and kids), it's your business what you do with it.