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Cleaning someone else's house.

My brothers wife just had her third child, as a gift to the family my mum and I cleaned their house. When I say cleaned I mean really cleaned as it was a tip. My sister in law feels her place is to look after the kids not clean all day, my brother does a bit but not heaps. My SIL was really upset about us cleaning and feels her privacy was invaded, I feel terrible mum and I were just trying to help as she must be exhausted. My question is would this upset and do I apologise?


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My MIL used to do it for me if I was sick or in hospital. If she asked me before I would have said no way, but it is pretty awesome walking into your house and its spotless when you were expecting the opposite. Plus the kids listen to her when she tells them to help so she never did it all on her own. She should be grateful, there are people out there that would kill for that kind of help.

your sister sounds like a bitch and call DOCS cause kids live in a pigsty

 I have to agree. Poor kids!
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 How can you come to that just by reading this post? Everyone has different ideas on what a pigsty is.
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