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Shoulder tip pain. HELP ME

I had key holes surgery 7 days ago and the pain in my shoulder from the gas is excruciating. I've been fairly active, opened my bowels etc. Please tell me what can help it hurts so much 😭😭😭


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Answered by SAHM Staff

Hi OP. The best thing to do is to seek professional medical advice. If you are living in Australia, there are some great free health hotlines that you can call to get advice from trained health professionals. If in any doubt please go to see a doctor. Here's the link to some useful health hotlines you can call
Get well soon! xx

Go to the hospital you poor thing, you shouldn't suffer like that.

Yeah, I remember this after a laparoscopy. It'll be gone soon enough. Hot baths and showers helped me. Nurofen helped a little, too.

Heat pack on the diaphragm area because that is where the nerve is being affected by the gas that also deals with the shoulder.

Answered by OP

Thanks everyone, I read online about massaging peppermint oil into the shoulder and then a hot shower and whether it was a coincidence or not but it worked!!!! I also drank a can of Pepsi max and burped about 30 times haha. Man that pain is friggin horrible.

 Glad you are feeling better
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It’s an awful pain! Mine went away eventually. Take the pain meds and get a medical opinion if you are worried.