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Hubby has been told he needs a circumcision. I have no experience with a cut one. Does anyone have any experience with one? Is there a preference?


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Hubby been told he needs to be circumcised and you’re worried about yourself 😂😂

 Yep 🤣
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I remember seeing my first cut one: I only then understood why it is so popular with partners. Way tmi: Looks, smells, tastes, feels better.

 Defs smells better
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 I've been with both. My husband is uncut and never smells bad. Maybe the men your referring to had poor hygiene!
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Hubby was done at 25 for cosmetic reasons and it definitely looks better! He lasts much longer now too although with no movable skin lube is a must! The doctor who did it said that the banjo string is best off gone for the looks and prolonging endurance

 What did you think when he announced he wanted to get it done? Did it feel different for you after? And what does he say about how it is for him before and after? So many questions!!
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I posted earlier in this thread about my partner being circumcised by his choice before we met. His advice for your husband is that circumcisions can have different results and to make sure that the surgeon understands what your husband wants.

Sorry if this is TMI, but ccording to my partner, the "options" include how much skin to remove (and so whether there is moveable skin left on the shaft or the skin is quite tight), where to place the cut (which dictates how far down the shaft the scar is), and whether to remove the "banjo string" underneath the head. And here was me thinking all circumcisions were the same. Who knew! I am sure a Google search will assist if you want to know more. Good luck with it :-)

 Wow, I didn’t realize. But after an inspection of SO, I see what you mean. He has not movement when hard. Looks amazing.
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Definitely better cut. Much cleaner less smelly nicer all round ;)

My partner chose to be circumcised at 23 (before me met) after never liking having a foreskin and growing up in the 70s and 80s with mostly circumcised peers. He had a girlfriend at the time he had it done and I just asked him what she thought before and after and he said she didn't care one way or the other. I am glad he is circumcised. It's just so, well, handsome and sexy! I'm against doing it to babies though. Let them choose when they're old enough.

My husband was circumcised as an adult, we had been together almost 10 years at that time. It has completely transformed our sexual relationship for the better. When we started thinking about making a family we had a stalemate around if we would circumcise our boys (if we had any). I had a preference for circumcision and he was uncircumcised and was obviously against the idea. He started off doing research to try and find reasons not to, after analysing all the data he said that it was polarising and so much misinformation. He looked at it more and said that the only way for him to actually know was to get himself circumcised. He got circumcised low and tight, it looks amazing. His lasting comment is that he would never got back to being uncircumcised, he said it is so much better in all ways. The end result was that we chose to circumcise our boys if we had any.

It took us a while to adapt our sexual positions and style to the new penis, but now that has happened its like he can flick a switch inside me and I climax.

 So your going to mutilate your son's genitals because your husband likes sex without a foreskin. I hope you only have girls.

When are you booking in for yours? get your clitiros removed and see how that feels.....

thousands of nerve endings will be removed and a part of your child gets chopped off that isn't yours to choose if it goes or not.

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I’m messing around with a male colleague; he’s cut & it’s really nice! Looks good, smells good & tastes good.

Hubby is uncut; now I realise why I never blow him, looks ugly, all this extra skin I don’t know what to do with & smells weird

 I agree 100%. My experience with cut is always awesome but uncut is more often than not fair to middling in the looks, smell and feel department. I love the look and feel of a circumcised penis. But I'd always leave it to any son I'm lucky enough to have to decide for himself.
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 My husband is cut and it's great. Smells and tastes of nothing really.... No issues coming too soon as long as I've not let him go weeks without any sex !! A previous boyfriend was uncut and he would rarely wash or clean himself, so in those young days he'd always have dry cum under his foreskin...... not my job to clean it up...... bad enough cleaning myself after he used to cum inside me all the time.
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Would love to hear from those who have tried the same one with and then without

I am not fussed. But found those with the skin last longer in bed. My husband is so sensitive and comes so quick it's frustrating

 My husband is cut and he doesn't come fast. I think that is a separate thing altogether.
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 Yep my bf who is cut can last longer than my ex who was natural. I think he needs to work on his technique ;-)
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He'll probably be super sensitive for a while afterwards until the nerves settle and the skin that has been covered most his life builds up resistance. It's still just a penis and works the same way. I probably prefer circumcised but maybe just because my husband is (was done as an adult too) and it's what I've been enjoying for the last 10 years 😝

 Thanks. A gf told me i’d prefer it but didn’t feel I could ask why, so been wondering. Is it that different?
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 Honestly, I don't really know why some prefer one over the other? I like the way my husband looks but can't say I ever remember thinking badly of uncircumcised? I think it is just purely a personal thing. Intimacy wise I don't feel like there is any difference except maybe the head being marginally more prominent.

I will say that you may need to change your toilet mats more often as after the op it takes a while to get used to peeing again ;)

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When my husband and I were first together he was uncut, but got cut due to phimosis. I have to say... It impacted sex significantly :( Movable skin makes the whole experience more comfortable for the man, and easier for his partner to pleasure him.
If he has phimosis, usually there are other options besides circumcision. You can use steroid creams and stretching. If it is really bad, you can get a dorsal slit, which widens the opening without removing tissue. My husband very much wishes that he would have pursued one of those other options instead.