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How do/did you know it was over with your husband?


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Never be over he's stuck with me until he dies

 Lol. Is that a good thing 😘
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When he came home and i was sick
He got dinner for himself without asking if i wanted anything!

When i stopped caring if he was going to be home late for work, the communication was bad between us and the more i tried the less he tried. I gave up and walked away, 4 months since i called it off. Im actually happier, im a better mum because of it and that i can honestly say i made the best decision for me and the kids. Now if i had my time over again i would have been putting money aside to afford my new life coz it took 6weeks for single parent pension to be approved and he is paying child support late.

 ðŸ’• Big hugs for you mumma
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