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Why do I miss all the good stuff?


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The only thing you're missing OP is the disgusting piece of shit that writes all this crap she thinks is funny, only to have it deleted by admin. In reality only a handful of people are seeing her verbal bullshit before it's gone. She's just one of those times a mother wishes she had an abortion. No biggie

What do you feel you're missing out on OP?

 She wants to be single and childless
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 Jealous much??
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Get a job

 Maybe you should instead of trolling genuine posts
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 Maybe their job is why they missed the good stuff lol
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 Haha yes you’re right. I work full time Thankyou very much troll. I sit down in the evenings and scroll through fb or this site and often there’s been exciting posts that have just been deleted. No biggie, I just want to know what everyone’s on about!
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