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I think I need to inform Centrelink that my husband is a gambler..

I say this because it has put us in dire straights, but I’m wondering if it is recordered or will make any impact in the future? Is it something they consider? Currently he is not actually impacting my payments because he is not an Australian citizen so I haven’t needed to, this was Centrelink decision to not consider him, not mine by the way, I thought they should but they said it doesn’t in our particular situation. I have discussed it with them over the phone before, but I may need to put it in wiring on a new form they have asked to be filled.. where it asks are there any other factors impacting our finances. Im just unsure if I should, mainly for whether it would make a difference to them, and if not then there is no point I feel(as I like privacy). Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks


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What do you mean he is not impacting your payments bevause he isn't a citizen? Are you saying your on a single parent payment or something?
I don't understand why you're considering telling centrelink he has a gambling addiction?
So confused.

 He is probably from a country that has a very low dollar value so they wont count them as a couple until he moves here. Just a guess.
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 Ah i think i read wrong, i thought he hadn't moved here yet.

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They wont give him more to support that habit anyway.
Just be careful he cant lumber you with his debts and bad financial decisions. My house mate was an alcoholic, and he ran up lots of debts, and gambling debts, and ended up going bankrupt.
Telstra then tried to force me to pay his mobile phone bill.
It turned out when I moved into the house they had not given me my own unique customer number, even though they said they did, just a number that sat under his in their system.
So they simply transferred his unpaid bills into my name.
It took many months to sort out.
Gamblers get very crafty and deceitful. Its an addiction.
You really should get out of that relationship if Gambling Help online, or other gambling assistance doesnt work.

You don't legally have to, its not like they're going to give you more money or anything 😂

 Gambling assistance
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 Is there really such a thing?
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 Yes, it's real. You need to ring them and ask about it. You need to spend over $536 a month to be eligible.
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So my tax is paying for or you want it to pay for your immigrant boyfriends gambling problem?! Get [email protected]#!ed!!! Get a job and stop relying on hand outs!

  My thoughts exactly!!!
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