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Bullies at school

My daughter is being bullied by one of the girls in her "friend group" She has spoken to her teacher about it but nothing has happened. I want to approach the school but trouble is, the girl's mother is a teacher at the school and I don't want to make anything more difficult by making a scene about it. I called the girls mother but there was no answer or response. I hate seeing my daughter so upset, any advice from parents out there who have had a similar situation?


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My daughter was being bullied by a girl in her group, it was horrible mean girl behaviour. I spoke to the school, but it was tricky as my daughter kept playing with the girl. They were were in the same class and my daughter didn't have anyone else to play with. I requested that they not be put in the same class the next year and that solved it, she has lovely friends and is much happier.

 Can I ask please, when you request for kids to be in seperate classes do you tell the principal it is because of bullying and aggressive behaviour? Or do you keep in neutral and peaceful? Thank you.
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 Yes I told them why, I wasn't the only parent requesting a different class.
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My 10yo son is going through similar. It’s Complicated by the fact he has autism and change is very difficult for him He needs new friends, and he knows he needs new friends that will treat him properly but he says he would rather have friends ‘sometimes’ than no friends at all. All I can do is help build up his confidence to leave this group and make new friends (his teacher says all his classmates love him), help teach him resilience and that bullies bully because they are weak and they are afraid of things they don’t understand, not because there is something wrong with him.

I got so sick of it as it resulted in an assault and nasty texts. I ended up going to police and they went and spoke to the child no issues since

I was in the same boat a few years back. My son was in year two and getting physically assaulted by a teachers son. My son wasn’t the only kid getting hurt. The class teacher tried really hard and would supervise where she could and would give the child punishment by making him stay in the library at lunch times when he’d been hurting kids but the kid never went there. Because his mum was a teacher the principal refused to take it further. The mum would say he’s autistic so doesn’t know he’s being rough. This kid would pick my son up, throw him around, slam him to the ground then jump on his back. Serious stuff but nothing was done.

 This is one reason I firmly believe a child shouldn’t be a student at the same school their parent works. Favouritism wouldn’t have just made the other students school life miserable, it also would have effected the class teacher trying to protect her students.
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I am sorry to hear your child is going through this. How horrible! I would definitely speak to the other parents and the principal. Try to get some evidence in case it gets bad. If the other parents and the principal won't help, I would move my child to a different school. Good luck