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Best Christmas movies

With and without kids please


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Nothing beats national lampoons Christmas vacation ever

Elf (love that movie)
Home Alone
Die Hard
Chronicles of Christmas (Netflix)
Deck the Halls

 Die hard isn’t a Christmas movie
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 AGreed- I recently read on BBC website it was suggested as a top 100 Christmas movie, by a big survey
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 somebody said yes it is and that's been deleted. Right....
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 What does big black c**k have to do with Christmas movies?
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Love actually

 OMG sorry but I CANT STAND this movie. Its super predictable, super lame, not funny, and the characters are just all horrid and not relatable.
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 It's total fluff
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 ^yeah but theres about 50,000 fluffy movies that are much better.
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 I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand this movie!
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Santa Cumming to town
It’s a porn

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