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How do you wash and dry a feather/wool doona/duvet?

Not the cover, the actual donna part? If it doesn't dry properly it would grow mould? It's winter here in Victoria so I don't think it would air-dry that well. Never washed one before (as haven't used doona's), TIA


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I put mine in the washing machine then in to the dryer with 2 or 3 tennis balls to help break up the feather clumps. Was washing my daughter's once to twice a week while toilet training when she had an accident while asleep. Never had a problem with it. I put it through 2 cycles in the dryer (each cycle goes for 90 minutes) just to be really sure but.

OP here. Thanks! I'll try it, still a little worried about the feathers in the dryer lol

 Its fine, done it hundreds of times 😊
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I just stick it in the machine. Also in vic. Leave it outside for the day to start drying them usually I bring it in and put it over some chairs over the heater for a day or two until I know it’s dry

Washing machine? Not sure sorry. Don't know if dryer would set it on fire lol
There are probably companies that you can do this for you

Depends if you're one of those gross people that don't use sheets