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Stinky bum

Not a troll, I have a stinky bum crack no mater what I wash with! I tried talc, deodorant, scented moisturizer. I'm paranoid cos hubby made a comment one night about it, but I can't get rid of it. It's like a fishy odor


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Yes sounds like a fistula to me and better to get it checked by a woman doctor if you are embarrassed..... Needs to be done

Are you a larger lady? No judgement, I am myself. It is very hard to get completely dry between all the cracks and crevices and having it damp is very inviting to bacteria and other yukky things that can make you smelly. What I do is for winter I use a hairdryer and dry all up around my hard to dry parts and in summer I stand at strategic angles in front of my pedestal fan. Lock the door first 😂. It does sound like it could be a bit of a fungal thing if it is smelly for no other reason. Grab some daktozin nappy cream from the chemist, it has sbroad spectrum antifungal in it and the zinc help keep things dry too. Wear bamboo or cotton knickers too- unnatural fibres are not your friends! If you do that for a couple of weeks and still no better, I’d see a dr. Even though you feel embarrassed, just think, they probably see and hear worse things everyday!

Have you given his a sniff? i doubt it smells like roses.

Could it be the type of underwear you’re wearing? I have some really pretty lacy things that I just can’t wear in summer because they get this awful sweaty smell to them no matter what I do but I don’t have that problem with plain cotton

I get a pungent smell under my boobs (HH cup) as the humidity just breaks down my skin under there. Drying off with a hairdryer and then powdering with some talc or cornstarch keeps it dryer and stops the smell. Skin is healing up too. Should work also for bum cracks.

 I've been using talc but I might give the hairdryer a go. I feel too embarrassed to visit a doctor at this point
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Could it be an issue with excessive hair trapping smells? Maybe try waxing. Head to a doctor, as well, and see what they can advise.

Get the doctor to check it. It could be a fistula, an extra hole that leaks a little constantly. Fixed by surgery.

 I wish I didn't google that
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Try "lady monkey butt." It's American; you'll probably have to order it.

Your husband's an asshole

 He didn't say it in an asshole way. I was already paranoid one day cos I felt like it was a bit smelly, but then I figured that no one could smell me, and then we were talking about it and he said he could smell it for a while and thought maybe I just wasn't washing but didn't want to offend me. I don't know what's causing it :( I made him look and there was no rash or anything.
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 Maybe I should have stated in my post, already paranoid and my husband made a comment about it when I asked... He wasn't being mean
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Has hubby given it a sniff after every time you've washed it/put lotion on it etc? Otherwise how would you know you can't get rid of the smell?

 It's kinda noticeable and not from my lady parts.It's not a "bum" smell if that makes sense, it's from that area. I know that sounds bad. It's embarrassing, I thought maybe to do with hot weather but it's not going away.
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Are you talking about front or back?

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How are you able to smell your bumcrack? 😳🤔

 Hubby did
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