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If money was no object.

If money was no object what would be the one thing that you would buy. Dont be practical and say a house or car. Mine would be a huge saltwater aquarium with seahorses.


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A hot dog shaped car with velvet interior. Think of the comedic benefits. My hubby would be all: wanna ride my weiner
And I could be all: it's so silky smooth I love your weiner.

A frozen Coke machine. It's the small things 😌

OP Mmmmm yummy
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A big wooden outdoor playground for the kids, compete with big cubby house decked out with an awesome toy kitchen. They're ridiculously expensive (to the tune of about 5k).
And I'd also love a whole garden redo so we could plant some fruit trees and vege gardens rather than all the useless palm trees, bottle brushes and jackarandas that were here before we moved in but are huge so we can't afford to remove them and redo the back yard

A farm to live on, with an amazing rambling farm house, animals and all fruit and veggies. And a cleaner for my house who works full time so I can just garden and cook.

An aeroplane with a full time on call staff (pilot ,cook masseuse , nanny, )

I'd buy a motorhome and travel. A super fancy luxurious one.

 This is a dream of mine too!
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A house in every capital city, plus a couple in exotic destinations. When I got bored in a city I'd move on to the next one for a few months.

 I have this and it's not as good as it sounds! Very expensive keep when not in use for most of the year.
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 If you really did have that, surely you could afford to rent them out when not in use. It doesn't take a genius to work out that's a good idea. And fyi upmarket places fetch over $1000 a week easily in major cities. By the week. But I'm sure you already knew that money bags.
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 Oh dear, you must be missing a lot in your life to automatically try and bring mine down. I feel sorry for you so I won't rub it in darls.
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A submarine so I could live underwater. πŸ˜ƒ

 Haha instantly Under the Sea started in my head. Brilliant!
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 Would it be yellow
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 It would most definitely have to be yellow.
I just hope it doesn't turn into a mouldy mandarin!!!

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One of The Wipe outs stage courses. :) it would be so fun

My own cruise ship just for family with crew. Except for the very important jobs, I'd only hire people who are struggling to find a job because of age, disability or lack of experience and are struggling. We would have tutors, cleaners, kitchen staff, musicians, actors and all the rest you'd find on a cruise ship. I'd invite homeless people and families with terminally ill kids and parents along for a trip. And people who are just having a bad run. It would be our own little world just cruising around the world.

I'd hire a giant muscled security gaurd in a black suit and dark glasses and an ear peice to follow me around while i shop up a storm and carry my bags. Absolutely no reason, i just totally want to look rich and important enough to need a security detail and I'd call him some stupid name like bubba. Think the guy off lilo and stitch, i want him haha

I have to be practicle and say a house that has a bouncy room