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Do you have a games console, which one and would you recommend it. Wanting to buy one for family xmas present. Kids are early primary


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Big xbox fan for younger kids because of Kinect! Needing no controller at all is the easiet way to play, plus they have to move to play. We also have PS3, Wii, and Switch also (grandparents are overly generous to the only grandchild on both sides lol).

We are also going to buy a games console for Christmas, and a very helpful sales assistant at ebgames recommended the Nintendo switch. She mentioned that it has more family orientated games and more appropriate for kids.

nintendo switch

 Yep switch. Has a lot of multiplayer games. Also portable for car trips. Best first console on the market atm.
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Don't get an Xbox 1 games take forever to load even when you buy a disc I'd go an Xbox 360