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I don't understand elf on the shelf

So who was the bright spark that thought I know I'll get an elf to do naughty things and pretend like it will make my kid behave


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My kids are past the Santa stage now but I am so thankful they never got into Elf on the Shelf. There are enough things to do during the holiday season without adding the extra pressure of coming up with ways to pose that Elf. I found plenty of ways to make Christmas magical without it. But if it’s you thing, that’s fine. I have plenty of friends who do it and I enjoy seeing what they come up with.

Elf on a shelf is met with an instant delete from me. Unfollow.

 That’s a strong reaction
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 It is what it is
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😆😆😆 .... someone that has lots of money right now

Yeah f........... that! ThNk god my kids are over that! A friend has 4 kids and does the elf thing, also their kids have a present advent calendar so they get a present every day up until Xmas!! Way too over the top IMO

I have enough chores to do, people & pets to take care of without adding staging an elf scene every night to my list of things to do.

I tell my kids the elf reports back to Santa what they have been doing and he watches them from his shelf... , but he’s mischievous and cheeky. They love waking up in the morning to seen what he’s been up to in the night. It’s never inspired them to be naughty. It’s all part of the magic of Xmas. Soon they won’t believe any more and the elf won’t come back!

 Ever forget?
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Mmmnn I didn’t get it either but a friend has had one for over ten years now and every Christmas she takes photos of him doing naughty things and posts it on Facebook. I think it’s cute and funny and her kids get to see that what he is doing is wrong. It doesn’t inspire them they expect that he is up to no good and look forward to seeing it probably because they know they are not allowed I guess that is part of the fun. They are some funny things - that you wouldn’t want your kid doing.