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Gym guy

This married guy at my gym is trying to crack onto me. I met his wife through other people & she's lovely & I feel really sorry for her. I'm completely not interested but it annoys me that everyone else seems to think this man is wonderful & yet he's suggesting we meet up secretly. I want to expose him for what he is. Should I?


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Thank you for upholding your morals & upholding the unwritten girl code.

 Totally this.
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 Yes! Respect
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What a sad situation, his poor wife. Honestly, people like this make me so angry - why doesn’t he just tell his wife that he wants to be with other people and separate?? It’s so disrespectful to her.
I think you should call him out on it, tell him you aren’t interested in married men and tell his wife.

It's a tough one, because on the one hand I would say, just tell him to piss off and leave you alone and let him know how much disrespect you have for married men who behave like he does. On the other hand, once you do this he will move on to trying with someone else (because that is how these idiots roll), and his wife will be none the wiser. Which is so horribly unfair on her. I really hope she finds out, but do you want to be entangled in his shit? (Which he is creating)

 Oh, and he's probably injecting himself with testosterone which will just add to his crappy behaviour.
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Seriously sis, if that was your husband, wouldn't you want to know?

Do you have any of this in writing or only what he has said? That makes it harder. What a prick!

I’d say expose him. What a terrible way for him to behave. Hope he doesn’t have kids.

 He has 2 kids
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Maybe she’s doing it to 🤷🏻‍♀️

 I doubt it.
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Are you sure you’re not reading into friendliness. Some people take friendly nature as flirty. Some people are just nice

 I'm not mistaken
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 I don't think she's mistaken if he has asked her to meet with him in secret.
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