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Can I tell my ex what he can and can’t feed my kids ?

No dietary restrictions


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Pretty sure no-one can stop you. Think I saw your ex’s thread on here before - “Do I have to listen to my ex’s rules”.

 Not me
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 Please ffs be responsible adults and quit the ridiculous crap of "Ex's Rules". Sometimes ex is that way because the other party was an irresponsible prick and to some degree still is and ex iscthe only one parenting the children responsibly. Grow up and think of what is best for your children!
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Of course you can tell him. Whether he'll listen or follow the directions is a totally different matter.

As long as he can tell you what you can and cannot feed them.

Honestly, it depends on how much he has them. My ex only has our kids every second weekend and really only from Fri evening to Sunday morning and I know for a fact he is not always feeding them the best food. But since it is only every second weekend, I let it slide because I don't feel it's a huge deal. If, however in a situation, children are staying with the other parent more regularly and for longer stretches of time, I would be ensuring the children are eating healthy as that is in the children's best interest and crucial for their wellbeing. You do not want to be responsible for your child developing type 2 diabetes or some other illness.
Absolutely no way would I be sending food, though. I would happily make a list of suggestions, but the preparation of food along with every other aspect if the children's care is the responsibility of the parent who has the child/children at the time!

No, but if you are sick of him feeding them junk and letting you deal with the consequences I suggested buying bags of lollies just before the kids go to dad's. Make sure there are lots of red and green jubes. The trick it's to make sure they have eaten enough to go mad, but still have a bag full, maximize the shit storm at dads, especially if he tries to take the lollies.

 Yep they will also feel sick and need proper food at meal times after a sugar high so maybe send a lasagna or something they like to eat to calm the sugar levels.
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Yes write a list, but make sure you include recipes.

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No you cant tell him but you can ask him - whether he listens is a whole other story. The kids aren't "my kids" they are "our kids" so he does have rights to care for them in a way that is not harmful to them and this includes McDonald's if he wants.