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kids struggling with school due to illness

I have a Kindy and a Gr 3. Due to a lot of illnesses (my kindy girl has recurring respiratory issues, shes had bronchitis twice in last 3 weeks). Everyone in the household struggles with lack of sleep and my grade 3 kid has started getting sick more and is falling behind with his grades.

I have spoken to his teacher but dont feel she is as supportive as she could be.

We have reading eggs and mathseeds, reading each day, computer or writing work most days.

I find I get stuck on ideas for science, geography and history though.

Would to know what others have in their school ideas collection and how they implement it all so it doesn't become to overwhelming.

Are there any good websites, books etc?

Thank you if you got this far, im so tired and stressed out and struggling to know where to go next


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You should consult with the school rather than trying to construct your own curriculum. They will give you work for your child to complete while they are away and will give you advise on how to administer the lesson/work. Although your intentions are good, you may be working against your child's education as your teaching method is different of that of their teacher and the way that all of the other children are learning. When you child goes to school they may not understand what is happening in class. I did not intend for this comment to be rude or nasty, I am a year 5 teacher and we get this quite often for kids that go away traveling/family emergencies etc. You are better to go and speak to the teacher and come up with a plan that will work for all involved.
Hope your babies get better

 This is true, go back to the teacher and try again. My year 3 has missed a lot of school and she is feeling anxious for the same reason, it’s a horrible cycle. The teacher is now on board after my hubby went and spoke to her and she said she is happy to email us material covered in the school day when she is sick. It has made a world of a difference. Goodluck!
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I think chill out, scale back on the homework, focus on getting well and playing and getting good sleep, the rest of it will sort its self out.

No one has ever said ‘shit, should have studied more in year 3!’

Google yr 3 History Geography and Science topics there will be a list of topics taught in that year level but don't stress over these subjects another way would be to find a documentary on each topic to watch and then she write a short essay on each topic math and English and reading are taught on a daily basis so you have that covered good on you best of luck hope everyone feels better soon

My son has a heart condition, and he misses an insane amount of school due to it. His teachers email me his work. They suggest science kits, geography games, flash cards, apps, etc to help him stay on target. They also arrange for skype attendance during prolonged absences. No one would lift a finger until i had doctor's notes, school board approvals, letters from the government...
Try approaching the school administrators if you're hitting a road block with a specific teacher. Teachers hate looking like they are giving special treatment to one student because, then, every parent expects it. There are special cases, and the higher ups decide when exemptions are to be made. Good luck!