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What do you call your "girl part"?

I really dislike the P word when referring to my vagina! Its an instant turn off for me and I dont like saying it myself!

My husband uses the C word when we are in bed which is ok because he is a more forceful kind of guy but I wouldnt use the word personally.


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Vagina. In my house we use medical terminology.
I get weird looks when my 2 year old says to me that his penis needs to go to the toilet.
I cannot stand slang.

 Me too! Does my head in when parents teach their kids foo foo, pee pee, and all that carry on. Silly idiots.
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 Vulva would be a more accurate term if your hung up on medical termainology. Unless your talking about the inside
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 ^ yes! I cannot stand this "call everything the vagina" thing! Reminds me of my now-husband being convinced that women piss out of their vagina
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 ^^ not that hung up on it. Vagina will suffice.
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 Doesn't matter if you are hung up on it or not. The fact is you are calling your genitals the wrong name.
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 Eww vulva sounds so weird. I would like to wax my vulva. My vulva is itchy. Can you see my vulva in these pants? My vulva smells. All this with Arnie Schwarzeneggers accent 😂
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 "We must call genitals the correct names! But eww vulva is a gross word, so the correct name for a body part in the same general area will suffice!"
I know quite a few people who take this line, makes no sense to me. Either use vulva when you mean vulva or use a nickname for the whole general area if you're squeamish. An incorrect term is actually MORE confusing than a made-up one.

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Vagina and penis
Mr4yrs couldn’t pronounce properly so he says Gina and peanut

My family all know the correct names, but in short, with the kids we say fanny & willy. As adults we use co*k & pussy.

We don't ever says penis cos Iv got 6 girls 😂😂😂 they know what a penis is though and my youngest two are twins And their best friend is Fijian so they call it a pulo like he does

When we're in bed its c**t or pussy. Any other word would seem out of place!

I call it my jaxie in adult conversations.
My kids call it a vagina and penis. Too murky if they are ever sexually assaulted. I need to know exactly what they are talking about.

During sex its pussy or c**t. Other times its vadge or muffin.

If my kids are around and I want to say something to my husband I call it my hoohaa. Other then that I probably call it my vajaja. Weird I know

My husband calls it my fuckhoe, I just call it my pussy.

Infront of kids- correct names
in general conversation- my hoohaa or petunia (what my son would say when he was little and couldn't say vagina!)

 A few years back I went to see a play and won a t shirt. It had on the back "THE BIG HOOHAA" I wore this shirt for 2 years before I realised that it was another name for vagina 😂
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My kids know the terminology but we call vagina jimmy jam lol

In front of kids it’s willy & vagina
I say vaggy a lot, or flaps.

My daughter calls it her lady bug - a name she decided to use. She knows the correct name that’s just what she likes to refer to it as