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Bridesmaid backout

Has anyone ever said they'd be a bridesmaid for a friend and then backed out?


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No but i wanted to 2 of my 3 times. Mostly because of the enormous cost involved. The first one the dress was so expensive she couldn't choose between one that i could have hired or one that had to be bought for hundreds of dollars, of course she chose that one. Then everything else and she kept saying she knows i cant really afford it but its tradition for bridesmaid to pay for themselves. 2nd one became an overseas wedding and i had no money and both times i still went ahead but honestly at the cost of my mental health and financial situation. If i could go back i would and should have backed out. Follow your gut if ir doesn't feel right don't do it! Even if u have to tell a white lie to keep the friendship just say u have some health issues for eg and cant take on extra stress

My sister said to me I can be maid of honour if I lost 15kg in 6 months
I lost the weight and told her where to stick me being maid of hounour

 What a bitch (sister) Good for you looking after yourself x
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 Good on you.
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If you're going to back out, do it sooner rather than later. I had one of my bridesmaids back out after dress fittings (they were being made) Fortunately her dress hadn't been touched unlike the other ones, so I was able to find a replacement.

 My sister had one back out on the actual day, talk about a fk around
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I refused to go to a wedding once because I wasn't asked to be a bridesmaid.

My friend didn’t want me to be bridesmaid cause I am 165cm and 58kg and my friend is 160cm 78kg

 Hope she’s not your friend anymore. What a bitch.
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I didn't back out, but I refused to be one at my sister's.

 Wow that's huge
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 Depends on the sister
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 It was the partner more than anything. They separated, she tried to say he abused the kids, sought legal aid to prevent him seeing them, then announced they were getting married 3 months later
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I had 2 bridesmaids back out. My mum pushed me to have all of my female cousins (5) as bridesmaids. The two that backed out were the daughters of the black sheep of the family. And they always seemed to have chips on their shoulders. But, we'd been getting closer as we got older and when I started wedding planning they were happy for me.
Well, turns out they weren't. One tried to grope my fiance at our engagement party and when I confronted her, she and her sister threw a big tantrum in front of everyone. The culmination was they weren't happy for me, they felt entitled to my life, and when I wouldn't apologise, they told me to stick my bridesmaid up my arse.
We no longer speak, but I wish them no ill will. I hope they find whatever bullshit they need to feel better about their lives.

I did Once it was hard but in the end I didn’t go to the wedding because I felt so bad

 Are you still friends?
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