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xmas pressies

what did you get ?
I got a $3,500 diamond ring


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Oh gee I got a big fat nothing. It's huge. Even bigger than the nothing I got last year! I expect that next years nothing will be bigger still maybe even with a follow up present of disappointment.
Cool bananas though yeah, because I've clearly moved past being a human and am now some kind of madonna. Not the cone titted kind though, unfortunately.

 I'm with you on that one . I got zip zero zilch as well.
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 Yep nothing here either
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I got nothing but I don't really care. I don't buy for anyone except the kids so I don't expect a present.

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Herb garden chocolate $50 iTunes gift card and $75 cash

Books, coffee mugs and a dr who calendar . Cos I'm a nerdy, night owl book worm who can never keep track of things. 😅😅

To be honest I have no idea. I was so flat out yesterday with the kids gifts and enjoying the day with them that I didn't open a gift my friend left under the tree for me. i love giving gifts but it weirds me out when I get them lol

Stemless wine glasses, wine, chocolates, a wall print, fancy soap, and a book from my husband. Books, cooking pots, tea towels, makeup, a bag and an iTunes voucher from the rest of my family. If I was one of the people here who didn't get anything for Christmas, I would take myself off to the sales today and choose a few things that I really want. Happy second day of Christmas everyone!

Books, a gift card, some new CD's (love me some Adele), some bath stuff and a mandolin which I used to slice the potatoes for dinner.

I got my $23,000 roland 540 i printer and my heat assist laminated another 5 grand ha ha only my daughter brought it all secondhand still coast 11$ for both first time in 21 years I've ever gotten anything and I could kick her right in the butt but god love her she is awesome and I will give it all back when I'm making $$ from it it was given to me early I got it in october but that was my present and I love it