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Received someone else's SSM form - what would happen if i voted for them?

Along with our forms - Just curious as to what would happen. No i haven't opened it.


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It's illegal to open another persons mail, wrong address doesn't matter. Send it back.

 I had the same and called them and I was told to bin it that person has missed their chance to vote as they did not update their details by the cut off date.

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I have returned the same letter 3 times to Australia post and it still got mailed back to me. If this person did not update their details before the cut off they obviously don't care about the vote or are oblivious to the voting.
This is another reason why they should have set up polling booths, they are paying 122million for the voting process one would think they would do it properly!
Hoping your voting yes btw 😍

I have been living in my house 2 years and still get mail addressed to other people but my address so i open it read what it is and then chuck it. Im sorry but if you cant be bothered getting your mail redirected then i cant be bothered taking the time to take it to the post office.

Latest one i got was a debt collectors letter, someone is in trouble lol

 Same. I have received debt collectors, licences and replacement key cards. I call the debt collectors because I don't want the dick heads knocking on my door. Ffs people need to get their shit together and sort their affairs out when they move!
I have been here 5 years!!!
I hope I get others postal votes!

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 All you have to do is write on the envelope not at this address and put it in a post box. It will be returned to the sender and you will stop getting it.
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 Unfortunately a lot of places still keep sending it! I'm getting mail from people Before and the before them! I just burn everything now. I checked with the post office and they said you don't have to send it back RTS
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 I know all i have to do to return it but then i have to go out of my way to find a post box or post office to go into as thete isnt one in my usual shopping area.
The debt collectors dont come to your door. I have recieved phone calls of them trying to track down a family memeber i dont have anything to do with or contact details for. I just tell them i dont know who they are talking about and then never hear from them again. Never had anyone come to my door.

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 ðŸ˜‚😂 like people are going to change their address with debt collectors. I still have my old address for a lot of things so I can't be found, whoever lives there now can deal with what ever shit comes their way 😂😂😂😂
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 ^ nice attitude you have there
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 Debt collectors absolutely can come to your door. I know cos it happened to me. They didn't have my current address, but they still found me. One of the most embarrassing moments of my life, they came when I had a lot of friends over for a BBQ. And the debt collector was not a pleasant person, as I'm sure you can imagine. Hard lesson I learned there, and I'm lucky my debt, which I sorted asap didn't have lasting consequences on my credit rating. Do not think because you haven't changed your address then you can't be found.
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 Debt collectors can track you via your tfn, Centrelink, bank. They have access to a lot of information. Yes they most centainly can come to your door.
I have returned mail to the post office marked return to sender and the mail that I have actually marked came back to me. I chuck it all now. The manager of my post office didn't argue with me when I told her that.

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 Debt collectors must have found me when I signed up for electricity in my name as nothing else was coming to my address when I revived the debt collector letter. Lease is not in my name. I wanted electricity in my name as I get more rebates.
It was for less than $200, paid it $50 fortnightly and they didn't even add the ridiculous debt collection fee they often do.

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If someone doesn't receive their form they may vote online instead, in which case you'd be caught if you voted twice.

 You can only vote online if you are overseas and you had to pre register just like everyone else had to make sure their address was up to date on the election roll.
If you didn't up date your address and someone receives your form at their address (your previous address) you miss your chance to vote and have no control over what happens to your voting form. Yes a person is not supposed to open another persons mail but this is not commonly policed. Also votes are anonymous, the barcode is to ensure the forms are not copied to vote twice.
I called the Australian bureau of statistics and was reminded that there has been televised adds and radio commercials etc for a long time coming up to the cut off date to ensure you will receive your voting form.

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I got two today too. Two votes for me ❤️💋😍

Interfering with other peoples mail is a federal crime.
However, it's not very policed on such a small scale. In this instance, you would have the opportunity to vote twice. But there is still a possibility that you could get caught.
Personally, being the Dudley Doright I am, I don't muck about with others mail. I return it to the post office and explain the situation. Your conscience is your choice.