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Funniest thing someone said to you ?

My mother in law received an email saying a hacker has a video of her mastubating and she has to buy $7k of bitcoins
I said do you know it’s a scam she said what’s mastubating ?


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My daughter has started shaving her legs, i noticed the backs were hairy while the front were shaved, when i asked about it she said ‘omg are you suppose to shave the back too?!’ 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

 Thanks for the laugh xx
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Hahaha. I got this scam email too. It was very interesting considering a don't have a laptop

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One of my friends is pregnant, and another of her friends is also pregnant. The other friend was trying to make the control line on the pregnancy test disappear. Pregnant brain but bloody funny to me!!!

I jokingly said to my male childhood friend
"People pay to have faces like this. This face is perfect" while poking a face at him when doing my makeup.
He turned around and said "nice forehead".
Now it's an inside joke with all the family.
I have allot of forehead. When I upload pics of me as a kid I'll tag it "yeah looks like I didn't grow into that forehead after all"
Or when my friends little brother said "nice shoes." Then whispered under his breath "said no one ever". Hahaha. I was wearing hot pink Crocs.
I still laugh about that every time I think of it.