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How do you meet nice guys? And any success stories anyone can share of finding love after leaving your husband?

I’m sober, and don’t have much time without my 3yo child (ex works away, no family support or friends who are in a position to watch her).
I come across some nice enough guys but I never know what to do? For eg they’ll start talking to me when I walk my dog. I always chat but I keep it brief because what else could they want to talk about aside from my dog? So I rush off quickly and spend the whole walk berating myself.
I haven’t been single since I was 21, 12 years ago, and I’m very out of my comfort zone now with men.
Any tips??? It’s been 1 year since I had sex with my ex husband before we broke up. I’ve done the work, sorted my shit out, now for the next step 😑


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Cheers everyone. I’m going to look at gyms today with crèches!
Appreciate the answers.

Why not strike up a conversation with guys who talk to you while you are walking your dog. You never know who you will meet.
I was told by a male friend that that is a good way to meet guys. They can talk about your dog, as a way of striking up a conversation.
And dogs are pretty good judges of character.

OP You’re so right!
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relax, and don't try to be someone your not. The right guy will come along at the right time. also don't look like you are desperate. goodluck

Might be worth trying internet dating. Although there is the same problem with the type of guys you meet there. One guy told me he was advised that it would probably take 50 meetings before finding a potential partner.
Some sites are better than others in terms of the quality of the men.
RSVP is an Aussie site, and seems to have far fewer scammers than others like Match.
Free sites you get what you pay for.

 Just go for coffee dates
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Can you spend a bit of time on yourself? Is there a gym with a crèche? A teen that can mind your baby for a few hrs while you get your hair and nails done. You will feel so good spoiling yourself and feel more confident.

OP This is so helpful. Thank you
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i would join a dating site with NO intention of dating initially just get used to chatting to guys and build up some confidence. some you time is important too, hire a babysitter, get dressed up and go out with girlfriends once a month for dinner and drinks you might meet someone out who knows? also creche at gym means you can do a workout and feel good about yourself. also maybe ask your married friends if they have any eligible bachelor mates have a bbq all together and hang out see where it leads!