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Bogans Paradise WTF ?

Australia has updated its travel advice for Indonesia, warning tourists could soon be charged for having sex outside marriage.

Indonesia is gearing up to pass new laws making consensual sex between unmarried adults a crime, and also making it illegal for unmarried couples to live together.


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More proof of how fu***d up Islamic countries are. Fact.

Bad move for Indonesia but Thailand and Vietnam will greatly prosper from these decisions!

They also want to make providing a person under 18 with contraception illegal. Not to mention it will also be illegal to insult their president. That last one is gonna tough with the proposed laws. I'm not sure if they realise the massive ramifications these laws will have on their tourism industry. We returned just last week from Bali. I'm not sure if we'll go back, even though we are married. Bad move indonesia

 It used to be illegal to sell any type of contraception in Ireland not long ago.
I think any countries who mix religion with politics are seriously backwards.
America is kinda going down that path too with letting religion make decisions on contraception, family planning and abortion.
When will people learn religion and politics don't not belong together?

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 That's why African, muddle middle eastern and Chinese Asian people should not be allowed to move to Australia.
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Well I think Indonesia is a predominantly Islamic country( although Bali I think is more Hindu?) so I guess the morals of the tourists do not align with their national religious morals.
But sadly Bali relies on tourism, and they will struggle if there are no tourists. But weren't they going To try and ban bikinis few years ago? I don't think that worked out, so this might not either

 It won't work they can't lose the tourism
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  The Islamic mainland of Indonesia will only profit from the economic suffering of Hindu Bali.
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