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Have you ever farted during a massage or at another inconvenient time? Lol


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Pap smear. Ive never been so fu****g traumatised before Hahaha

 Oh no you poor thing! I can only imagine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
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Was in Kmart down one of the back isles and thought it would come out quietly. Nope, it ripped out like a trumpet.

Nope... but the massage therapist did!! She just brushed it off and opened the door to let fresh air in lol

With my first boyfriend, I'd queif after we did it doggy style. I was so embarrassed. I blame his tiny penis - I dont think its happened since πŸ˜„

Whilst receiving head. Thought I could sneak it out. I was wrong

 Oh god.
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 I don't understand why you would want to sneak a fart out while ya man is tongue punching ya!?
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Jumped on my partners lap to fk him and farted. But we laughed it off and kept going. He brings it up every now and then as a joke now though😐

 Oh you poor thing - they never let you forget do they! My husband does the same, we were having a very serious conversation and it was early on in our relationship, thought I could let it go quietly but nope..I little trumpet sound emerged and he’s never laughed so hard nor let me forget it πŸ˜… as I’m very shy about these things and have never after all our years darted in front of anyone lol
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Ive always worried Ill fart when getting my waxing done..... I havent and am amazed coz Im not very good at controling farts.....

At the gym when its quiet after a class and everyone is bending over to stretch 😱😱

Right after an orgasm. I wanted to die! Lol

 Get out!!!!!!! No way! BahahHhAa this is gold
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 Yeah, that would have to be in the top 5 worst times to fart! I've ive
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 Woops, hit send, I've done a massive fanny fart after from air being pushed in.
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