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Single mum dating

In short, how the hell do you do it!? I've found myself single with 2 kids, full custody and no idea what I'm doing. I've never really dated before and while i don't want anything serious or a new baby daddy I'd like to meet some new people and have some adult fun. What do i talk about? Do i let on that i have kids? Are all the dating sites as creepy as they appear to be?


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Not a dating site.

I've been single e years. Got on the dating websites on and off for a year now. I have had a couple of nice dates but either because of him or me it hasn't gone further. The rest are sleeze bags, married, dick pics or take a nice conversation and suddenly drop a sexual remark. So many with no pictures so I ask why and he stops contact.
My ex is on tinder and pof and I feel bad for any of the girls he actually ends up on a date with. He's smarmy (yes, I was an idiot!) And uses them for sex then discards them. They're usually young - much much younger than him and gullible.
So I guess all in all I've been put off the whole thing.
I'm not a prude but I want a relationship first, to know I'm respected and hopefully find love. I don't take a guys word straightaway. I try to read between the lines first to make sure I'm not used.
I'm off atm hoping to meet the old fashioned way.

Good luck. It's hard.

My mom joined a single parent support group of sorts. She and 3 friends would take turns babysitting while the other 3 went out. Later on as they met people, they would switch up the plans or have the new guy bring along some mates for the others.

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 I'm American living in Australia. I have a mom; I am a mum.
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 ^I wondered about that, like whether this site was popular in America, but now I understand :)
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What about your current friends and their partners friends?

 Oh good one, I bet she never thought about this great idea!!
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 Maybe she doesn't have any friends that's why she is asking here?
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If you're in Melbourne check out a group called Parentlink that's run by the YMCA