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How often do you brush your teeth? And when?

Be honest.
The tooth fairy is at the pub anyway so she won't know.


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I brush my teeth in shower after my morning coffee and at night before bed, I started doing it to save time and it stuck, now my kids do it too.

 Same. My toothbrush just lives in the shower now
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Twice a day - morning and night.

 Yep me too
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Every day before breakfast. I still have a baby tooth and I’m in my 40’s

Mostly 3 times a day. In the morning, at night and after lunch and sometimes after I have eaten.

 It creeps me out when people are brushing their teeth in the bathroom sinks at work.
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 I am SAHM so its not an issue but I do understand. I felt the same when I did work and one of my collegues did the same.

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 Your committed i don't know anyone who brushes their teeth at work during the day.
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I can go weeks 🤦🏽‍♀️

Worst part is I’m complimented literally daily on my white teeth, and it makes me so damn lazy.
I’d say I get asked weekly what whitening I use on my teeth.
I’m 38 and had 1 filling, again makes me so damn lazy. Iv asked friends and hubby and my mum (the latter two would be VERY honest with me , if I have bad breath and they all say no. )

All of the combined just made me lazier over the years. I actually use filters sometime to take the brightness off my teeth in photos.

When I was about ten I use to get “chalky” patches that were really white and then it just took over the teeth.

If I brush my teeth frequently I look like Ross when he whitened his teeth.

 Haha lucky you. I've read that good teeth are like 10% taking care of them and 90% genetics.
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 Yes I’m my case it seems true.
My mum has exactly the same thing and we’ve both got a big wide smile and big teeth.
My kids often get complimented on their bright white teeth too, though I do brush their teeth before bed every night.
My mum has smoked for 50 years a pack a day for a fair chunk of that, always a heavy smoker. and she only has yellowing in the creases but the surface is still very white.

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 I'm so jealous, I have so many fillings and it makes no difference how often I brush or floss!
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 Yes you’re lucky, but don’t you get that fuzzy teeth feeling if you don’t brush? I couldn’t do that long without brushing for that reason alone
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 If I feel like that I eat an apple and the fuzz goes away...
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 Wouldn’t brushing your teeth be easier?
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 No cos an apple gets eaten on the go and also as I said my teeth get too white with frequent brushing. They honestly start to glow.
I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I look like Ross from friends when he whitened his teeth lol.

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 Sometimes I brush without toothpaste for the if they get furry too
It’s honestly a non issue though they rarely do

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My husband hardly ever takes care of his teeth. I don't think i've ever seen him floss, brushing is sporadic and when we go to the dentist he very rarely has anything wrong. I think he's had one cavity in 10 years. Me on the other hand am alot more dedicated floss & brush twice a day & usually need something fixed - it's so annoyingly unfair.

First thing in the morning (cannot function until it’s done) and last thing at night. Couldn’t imagine doing it any less than this. 35, never had a filling, lucky as!

Every morning and sometimes before bed depending on what I've been eating

Once a day before bed. I know I should also do it in the morning but I'm just not in the habit anymore.

 I am the same
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Twice a day. When I wake and before bed. I have breakfast about 3 hours after I get up, and I couldn’t wait that long to brush my teeth.

Most nights, should do it more often. But I do floss (with one of those interdental brushes) & chew extra.