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Doesn’t your child have fillings??? If so at what age did they get them??

My daughter is 5 and requires 2 fillings already.


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My kids don't have any at 4,5 & 7. We do brush and have a good diet but I think its just genetics. eldest 2 have staining from having a lot of antiobiotics when younger. Well, that's what the dentist said it is. They said its not bad just looks unsightly.

 I have the staining on my teeth from antibiotics too . I thought that was so weird when he told me that.
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 My son was on antibiotics once that stained his teeth. But once the course ended the stains disappeared. It was so weird. It looked like someone had drawn a stripe across them with a lead pencil.
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My kids have that coating put on their teeth so no, my brain wont work to remember what it's called 😣 someone else might know.

 Fluoride treatment maybe?
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 fissure seals. My DDs have these too.
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 Yes fissures!
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I used to be a hygenist, the most common cause of tooth decay in children is grazing on fruit. I suggest if your child is a fruit bat to make sure they brush at lunch time or try to switch them to crunchy vegtables instead.

Same with my daughter! 5 and needs 2 fillings, my dentist said it's because shes a snackers. Super healthy eater just eats a lot :)

 Yes my daughter too!
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My 5.5 yo has 1 and now needs another one. He rarely has sugary drinks or juice and doesn't eat a lot of sweets. We even floss his back teeth!

 My kids dentist said it sometimes is just down to bad luck and not diet. Especially in the baby teeth which are soft.
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 Thanks my dentist said something similar. Still feel like a bad mum though 🙁 hopefully his adult teeth are stronger
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 I had quite a few fillings in my baby teeth (and we ate pretty healthy and brushed etc) and unfortunately my adult teeth are no better. My dad had full dentures at 16 and his mum always said she had chalky teeth (also had dentures, not sure what age she got them though). Hopefully your son will be luckier!
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Part genetics, part diet, part hygiene. If you dont brush your teeth then you will get decay - regardless of genetics and diet. If you eat too much sugary, acidic or salty foods you will get tooth decay regardless of hygiene and genetics. If you have a family history of bad teeth then it will play a part.

Also you can brush your teeth too much.

Im 39 and just had my first filling. My family in general has great teeth. My sister's kids were drinking coke and eating crap from a very early age so they got fillings quite young.

Im at the point of trying to teach my son to brush his teeth. It is not easy but we persevere.

I am 48 years old and have no fillings 🤣

 ^I do, I'm jealous!
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 Well go you!!! Probably because you have false teeth at your age!! Go away.
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I am blessed with four kids 16 18 20 and 22 and none have fillings.
Guess it depends on the individual child their genes diet and teeth quality

I personally think it’s genetics or luck of the draw.

Does she have a lot of sugar (juice, cordial etc)? Not judging, just curious. A lot of my daughter’s friends have fillings at 6 and 7

 No coke,juice only on odd occasion!
Always a snacker so I think that and maybe not brushing.
Just shocked me coz we don’t eat a lot of bad stuff daily.

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My daughter is ten and has tooth enamel hypoplasia, she has several fillings.
She doesn't like soft drink and rarely eats lollies, it isn't always the cause

5 yo had 2
And 2 year old had a filling at 1 😭
We eat super healthy, they have chocolate maybe once a week? A kindy surprise....
I felt horrible

My kids are 14 and 11 years old and don't have any fillings...their Dad doesn't have any either.

Does she have a good brushing technique? She's probably just not doing a very good job.