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What would you think of your mother if she said this?

You have just broken up with your partner. You are staying with your parents and you have an 8 month old baby together. He is on a very good salary and is giving you $1000 a month until CSA tell him to pay more. You are texting each other, arguing over money. Your mum is asking what each text message is as it is sent and trying to tell you what to reply with. He mentions something about going through a lawyer before handing any other money over besides child support. Mother slams the table and starts ranting about what an asshole he is. Finishes the rant with "...He will never win! He is putty in your fucking hands! You know why? You have the biggest pawn piece in this fucking game!" Saying this while pointing at your child. What would be going through your head?


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She is on your side and is probably very worried about the whole situation I’d cut her some slack. I would also stop texting back and forth with the guy just talk when it’s important or urgent.

You stop telling your mum about the text messages unless they involve violence & threats?
Obviously your mother is well aware of why you have broken up and regardless who’s at fault she feels it’s her job to protect you and apparently slamming the table and ranting is her way of doing that 😂
Tell her to calm down and you will ask for her advice/opinion when you need it.
I agree with your ex regarding seeking legal advice.

 She is very controlling and I can't stop her seeing the texts, she was the one that made me text him in the first place it was like I was just texting for her
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 Can't stop her? Like tell her bitch get off my phone? Have the message tone muted. Set it so messages don't flash on the screen. Put a pin code. Change exes name on phone to Ralph from gym. Only reply in bed alone away from her. Don't be checking constantly. Black list him during the day and only check blacklisted in the toilet. Don't reply until you seek professional opinions either. Mum isn't professional in this case
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 Agree with blacklisting maybe not the bitch part 😂
Btw how hot is Ralph from the gym?!

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 He is a pretty fine specimen
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I'd be thinking of how to get out from my parents roof asap. Children are not pawns to be used to extort money from people. She may have misspoken but nah, I wouldn't gloss over it. I'd store that away in the "shit that proves my parents aren't perfect" file.

 I don't think she misspoke she is always very definite in what she says. That file is getting pretty big 😂
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I think your mum is just mumma bearing the f**k out. Stop getting involved in your problems.

I’d be thinking ‘mum, you’re not helping’ and be not giving her any more info. And be putting passcodes on my phone if I haven’t already.

If you and ex hubby are already squabbling over child support, this could get messy. And having your mother’s unsolicited opinion at every turn will do nothing to help you. And I also agree with pp, time to move out, as soon as you can.

 I'm trying to move out hopefully another 3 months
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Money, separations, children. Everyone gets worked up over it. I would assume that she just said it in anger.
But on another note, I agree to seeing lawyers before more money is handed over other than child support, for both of your sakes.

What is going through my head is that this is a bait post. I can not believe anyone would say such a thing. I think this post has been created by someone to make a point...ask me how I know..

 Well I am the OP so I would love to know what point I'm trying to prove?😂. My mother actually said this and I'm trying to get my head around the fact she referred to her grand child as a "pawn" and is winning more important to her than my child?
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 How do you know?
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 It is a terrible thing to say and not helpful to OP at all
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Does it really matter what anyone else thinks?? What do YOU think when your mother says that?

 I think she sees my daughter as a piece in her game of control sadly.
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 Then it is your job as the mother of your daughter to not allow your mother to control you. My mother was very "take him to the cleaners" when my husband and I separated. Guess who is still in the lives of my children and I, and who isn't?
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