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Can a menstrual cup be used as a method to prevent leakage and mess after sex?

sometimes making it to the bathroom to shower etc isn't practical until later on with 2 young children in the house. Has anyone had any success with this or a similar solution?


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I just use my husband's t-shirt until I'm safe to stand without dripping but the cup idea sounds intriguing

 My hubby has tommy hillfieger not ruining them
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 You can wash things you know
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 Hahahaha Tommy Hilfiger is like $50 on the iconic. If you're going to be a "I'm a rich c**t" troll choose a better brand.
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I use old small towels. Bar towels are about the right size. keep them stashed in my dresser drawer. Just throw them in the wash with the other towels.
Otherwise its tissues, and then drop them in the toilet.
And fresh tissues stuffed up the entrance inside undies until I get to shower.

I have femfresh wipes in the drawer and after my shower I put a liner on. Cos if I sneeze it's game over haha

I hadn't thought of doing that but yes seems like it would be a good idea! Try it & let us know how it goes?

Use a bloody condom then.

 Besides being a contraceptive, this is the main reason we use condoms- I hate the leaking feeling.
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For some reason I thought you meant using it as a barrier method to getting pregnant lol

I like this idea because pads take like 500 years to break down, so you're being environmentally thoughtful there

How much are you leaking to need a frigging menstral cup 😳

 Some guys just have big loads
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