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Do you like the big boobs big arse tiny waist look ?


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You can't have one without the other or you'd be falling over all day 😂😂

Well considering it's my natural body shape, yeah i like it.... why are we still judging the shape of other humans, do we have nothing better to do?

No it looks weird

 Its like seeing a demented Jessica rabbit.
But in real life.
Nobody needs to be seeing that shit!! Gross!!!!

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 OMG I love Jessica Rabbit though
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This is me. Very much hour glass. I’ve even put on 10kg and I still look good.

I like it to an extent. Not a Kardashian extent haha but I like curves. Subtle sexy curves. I'm straight up and down haha

 Yeah a proportionate hour glass these extreme ones are grotesque
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Yeah I think it's sexy (and I'm a straight woman) my figure isn't like that at all, I've no waist.

 Same and a very short torso.
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 Same, i'm a rectangle
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 Flat bottom too. I blame anglo-australian heritage.
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