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Since there is a similar question I need some advice on my step kids visiting their mum.

My husbands ex wife and mum to his boys dated a drug addicted man for a while. He sold everything and took all her money to buy drugs. The boys were neglected and though it took us a while we finally won in court to permanently have the boys with us and mum was given supervised access. As soon as the money was gone the boyfriend left and the boys mum now realises what she has done. Since he left she has been making a huge effort to see her boys and now wants them back. I don't think my husband will ever agree to her having the boys living with her but we were thinking of allowing more unsupervised access. I know the boys really miss their mum and honestly have absolutely no idea what the right thing to do. As some of you have been in similar situations could you give any advice?


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Never been in this situation
But if she's asking to see them then she's pretty much saying I do care, I do love them, I do miss them.
Baby steps do small 2-3 hr unsupervised visits. Increase if you feel kids are happy and willing to continue seeing mum.
If kids are old enough they will come back and report suspicious behaviour or company thst she keeps. Send chrPo phone with them for dad to be able to touch base once during visits. Good luck

You could trial un supervised ? For a few months but state that if she is in the presence of drugs or anyone doing drugs then she breachimg her right to stay un supervised?
maybe put in some rules and restrictions?
have a few hours at a time - increasing the time if it all goes well with no problems ??

I had a similar problem but my childs father was on drugs himself - and now his clean and he has always been a great dad when he has our child just made some stupid decisions .... everyone deserve a change especially if the kids are wanting to spend time with their mum

Very difficult situation. Did their mum take drugs?

 Not that I know of.
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