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Has anyone made and sold their own food?

I have a business idea I can do from home, but I'm not sure on all the details. Google hasn't been a big help so I'll post this here.
When you sell the food you make:
-how did you get started (from the formation of the idea to the execution of the idea)
-do you need to cook it in a commercial kitchen (for health and safety reasons)
-what qualifications and stuff did you need?
I've got my idea, and I've got a market in mind, but I don't know how in the heck to go from point A to point B! Aaaaaaah!! Help please.


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You can have your home kitchen certified - go through council. You will need a safe food handling qualification also.

you need a commercial kitchen, and labels of all ingredients on each item. some markets in qld, you need a food license to sell anything at markets as well.

Not just workcover but your house insurance will change if you're operating a business from home.

 You only need workcover if you employ staff. You will need public liability insurance though
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Note that depending what state you are in, they may have restrictions on the type of food you are allowed to cook in your own kitchen.

I am a teacher and I throw out homemade food

 Who cares
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 So badass
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 Well then don’t buy it from her and you’ll be fine.
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Your local council will be able to give you all that info. First thing to do is look at how much the insurance is.