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Men doing housework is sexy...seriously?

Do any of you actually get turned on by seeing your man do the housework or is it just a con to get him to help out?


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Im with one of the other posters here. Physically demanding chores where he is outside lifting or chopping wood and getting all sweaty is a HUGE turn on! Picking up around the house doesnt do anything for me BUT seeing his muscles ripple and glisten with sweat does make me "moist"!

Actually looking at him doing
But if I'm feeling more relaxed and less over worked bcoz hubby is pulling his weight, then hubby is more likely to get some lol.

 Yep exactly this!
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It's not a turn on as in "oh my… those rubber gloves on him!" But more that the act of him washing the dishes makes me feel appreciated- he's acknowledging that I've worked all day also (albeit at home) and he wants to take a little of the burden off me. Feeling appreciated and validated (and maybe even a little bit rested) is the biggest turn on

My husband does more house chores than me. It's just a normal part of our lives, so no, not sexy. Much appreciated though!

Generally speaking no. But it does make me appreciate him more and that all has a flow on effect.

No, I think it just comes from women who bribe their partners with sexual favours. Also could be that the man helping has made the woman less tired and grumpy from doing it all by herself she's able to get in the mood more easily.

If women are really getting hornyjust because a guy runs the dishwasher occasionally then they must have hair-trigger libidos!! 😂😂😂

Wouldn't really know, my husband does absolutely nothing housework wise, but hey I'd be less tired if he helps and therefore more happy to please him in other way if you know what I mean

When he gets sweaty from yard work or car work yes sexy but just like dishes etc no...

I get turned on when he chops wood or puts the fire on for me. But hoovering or washing dishes? Nope. I like that he's doing it but it doesn't make me moist lol.