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Do you celebrate invasion day ?


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I celebrate Australia day i don't give a shit what you say. I will not comment further.

So the 26th of January was the EXACT date of the invasion was it? Which invasion though, the Dutch, the English, or the mainland Aboriginals invading (and completely wiping out the separate population of) Tasmania ?
My ancestors came here in chains. They didn't want to colonise anywhere or be so far away from their loved ones. It was England who forced them. Yet it's those of us, generations later, who can't afford to leave this place, being called names and having abuse thrown at us for the crimes of someone else. Whilst the people descended from those responsible for the invasion, get to sit merrily in their castles and estates, sipping champagne and eating caviar.

The first of my ancestors to set foot on Australian shores did so in shackles. Because he stole a loaf of bread to feed his wife and son. If you or anyone else has a problem with me and my family being here, you're welcome to fly us and our stuff back to England. We'll work it out from there.

We celebrate Australia Day. We do so in the hope of a reconciled and peaceful future, and to give thanks for the beautiful life we live here. It's not perfect, but we get to visit the best beaches, breathe clean air and don't have bombs dropping around us every other day. And that's something worth celebrating.

 Agree with this, buuuuut the Tassie aboriginals were wiped out by english soldiers, not other aboriginals.
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 I love this reponse well said
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 Agree with most of this statement, but we need to face facts that most convicts were not here over a stolen loaf of bread, but because they were scummy criminals, rapists, murderers, many of the worst kind of people. Sure there are the odd few stolen loaf of bread people, but they are not the majority
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 And? Does that mean their descendants are destined to be horrible people? Criminal behaviour isn't genetic. Who your ancestors were or what they did with their lives says absolutely nothing about you.
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 just another typical aussie bogan trying to glorify their criminal history. aussies loves to make heroes out of crims. ned kelly perfect example.
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 No one is glorifying criminals dingus. Merely pointing out that the "blame" for the treatment of indigenous Australians at the time of British colonisation, should not be leveled squarely at the prisoners brought here or their descendants.
I wrote this original comment and whether other prisoners were found guilty of rape or murder, is not my business. The question I would be raising on that would be "why weren't they hanged?", which I would be more likely to question the decision of the judges back then, than to blame the entire convict population of that time.
It was not my ancestors who chose to be here. And as I said before, if any indigenous person wants to pay for my family to leave, I'm cool with that.

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 Uneducated ^
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 I would like protest the clean air part but other than that i concur
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No I don’t. I celebrate Australia Day. It isn’t about invasion. The day the ships landed was the day modern Australia came to be. Yes, there are atrocious acts done throughout history but we move forward and keep trying to become one as a country.

We should definitely have a holiday for invasion day! Have it straight after Australia day so we can have an extra long weekend 🥳

In some countries you don’t get a choice! Celebrate the holiday or get executed as an enemy of the state. As Australians we recognise and respect indigenous people as the traditional owners of the land and our government helps them in any way that it can. Our children are educated in aboriginal Dreamtime stories from kindergarten. My daughter knows all about the rainbow serpent and the story of the three sisters but can’t tell me who Winston Churchill was. Just saying we are trying.

I will celebrate when the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are formally recognised in the constitution and there is true reconciliation.

We join in on Australia day celebrations, but if they moved the day to another date, I'd join in then too.
It would be more Australian of us to accommodate everyone and not cause offense imo. It doesn't matter when the date is surely it's the sentiment of Australianism that counts

I celebrate Australia Day! Aussie, Aussie,Aussie!!!

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The prime minister has said sorry even thou our generation didn't do anything, you get money from the government what more do you want?

 Aboriginal people dont get money from the government just because they are Aboriginal.
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 Not all but some do. Like thousands of dollars in land rights and other money given to people and their listed family members, I have seen this while working in aboriginal communities across WA
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No I don’t.
I love that I live in a beautiful country but I don’t believe celebrating on Jan 26 is the right thing to do. Doing so fails to acknowledge that for 50,000 years prior to 26/1/1788, it was Aboriginal people and communities who cared for this country, the place we call home, so maticulously and with such great care, that allows everyone living here to be surrounded by such beauty every day.
I would love to celebrate Australia Day but I don’t feel comfortable doing it on a date that is so hurtful to the people who loved and cared for this land long before any settlers arrived.

I am Aboriginal and fairly apolitical. I don’t protest, I don’t rally, I’m not overly vocal, I usually choose to work on the day and not reap the benefit only a public holiday when I don’t really support the date.
I am all for celebrating the fact that I live in the best place in the world though.

 ^^Your words are beautiful. We need more people like you. 💕xxx
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 Thank you, that’s really kind
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This question pops up every year. To answer it again this year, no.

 I am new here
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 ^Hi ✌
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