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When you wake up with a migraine, but have been promising the kids a trip to the city today all week 😥😥

Any tips?
It hasn't fully developed yet. It's sitting in the back of my head threatening above my right eye.
The tablets I take have taken that edge off, but it's still there. If I take more I'm worried I'll get all spacey, which happens sometimes. And we have to drive in, because the end to our day is getting hubby off the plane at 6pm tonight. He's been away for work for 2 weeks and the kids are so excited to see him.


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Stay off the internet, that would be a start. Going online would be the last thing I would do if I had a genuine migraine

 I was thinking the same thing. Even my beginning of my last migraine I was laying in bed Inna dark room.
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 One of my facebook friends is always on complaining about having bad migraines. Can't be too bad if you can be on facebook!
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OP When you have young children, and hubby is overseas, laying in bed isn't an option.
Just FYI..

If I came on here and said I'd laid in bed all day while my children roamed the house unsupervised I would be hung drawn and quartered.

Can't do anything right these days

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 Exactly OP. Can't stop when you have kids no matter how sick
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 I never said anything about laying in bed. I said how about staying off the internet? Surely if your migraine was that bad being online is the last thing you would be doing, as it will only make it worse. It's just common sense. But I guess some people just want that attention!
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Tell your kids you can't go. Sometimes things happen which mean plans change, like sickness. Its disappointing but it's life. If you can't go you cant go

Oh f**k off all you migraine experts

Thanks a whole bunch to the person who suggested hydrolite. It really helped calm my stomach.

As I said in the original post, it hadn't developed yet, but I could feel it coming. For those who suffer migraines you should know that with the right treatment and management plan from your doctor, there are preventatives and medications out there that if taken at the right time can minimise the pain/duration /effects.

But no. You are all clearly my doctor and know my personal medical history.

I wasn't looking for your crap about it not being a "true" migraine (what the f**k even is a true migraine). I was looking for helpful suggestions to avoid totally spoiling my children's day.

Thank you so much to the genuine people out there..
F**k off trolls no one cares.

 Wow 😂 obviously we all hit a nerve if you are lashing out like that. No, we are not your doctor, so why come on here asking for medical tips?! And you brand everyone a troll just because you don't agree with the responses you get. Typical

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 ^Wow someone hit your raw nerve by calling you a troll 😂
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To everyone saying it's not a true migraine..... I suffered with headaches every single day since about 25yo. Before that age I had about 3 headaches a week. The last 5 years I've had cluster migraines some that would last 2 weeks. I ended up going to a migraine specialist and I've been put on preventative medication. This medication is only meant to work for migraines not headaches. Well guess what since being on this medication I haven't even had my constant headache. I asked my doctor about this. He said you can get mild migraines that are like a headache. You can even have the migraine symptoms (dizziness, light sensitive etc) without the painful head.
So what I'm getting at is migraines are all different. People handle them differently. When I had the constant headaches I just had to learn to live with them and do things like computer work. So unless you're an expert, lay off the poor lady. Seems like she's having a hard enough day as it is.
Sending love your way OP

OP Thank you
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Try some hydralyte and if the kids will let you, go and lie down in a dark room for an hour. Put a cold cloth on your forehead. And maybe go to the city a little later if you can

Wow! everyone's a bit harsh with the 'real migraine' theory! She said she felt it coming and was looking for helpful advice.

Love how one person says don't go on the internet to start with, and then everyone else two hours later is like oh no screen time would help, or it's not a true migraine. Like they thought of that brilliant idea all by themselves 😂

Hi OP here.. Post - migraine thank goodness. Just FYI, migraines for me at least, don't instantly appear and render me useless all of a sudden. I can feel them coming, I get the aura, then the pain starts in the back of my head, if it's going to be bad I get a queezy stomach, the pain works its way up behind my ear and into my right eye area. Once it is in that area is when I can't function anymore, with light and sound sensitivity, and yes I certainly can not and would never even dream of being in front of a screen during this stage. It is always the same. That is how I differentiate it from just a regular headache or icepick headaches I sometimes get too, where it is more of sharp stabby pain that lasts for a few seconds max then goes away, but comes back repeatedly throughout the attack. Thank you again for all who provided helpful info such as the person suggesting hydrolite. I am one of the lucky ones, who can ward off a severe migraine by taking medication at the fist signs. I still obviously have the pain and some symptoms, but I can reduce the severity. This was one of those attacks. When I posted, I had already taken the medication needed, but was looking for helpful suggestions if anyone had any. Sorry for going off my nut at those who claimed I did not have a migraine. Clearly they do not understand that everyone experiences migraines differently. They aren't a one size fits all event.

 You don’t need to explain yourself, OP. So many experts here who feel like they can’t just scroll on if they have nothing of use to add. Glad you’re feeling better xoxox
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 Jesus. You came back on to give a long winded explanation about yourself to a bunch of strangers who wouldn't know you if they passed you on the street? If you had it under control, why bother asking the question in the first place
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Sleep if you can before going.. no screen!! And heaps of water

Can you go to the hospital and ask for some Maxalt tablets?