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Is it jealousy?

My sister makes snarky comments whenever I announce I’m going on a holiday or have bought something new. She married into a wealthy family. Her husband earns more than double what my husband earns. Her and I both work part time but she works a lot more hours than me. She doesn’t understand how someone as poor as me ( her opinion ) can afford to do the things I do. She’s always bragging about how much money she has and doesn’t seem to like that I can do something with much less money. I told her I was going on a holiday and she changed the subject and is now not speaking with me. That’s her pattern. What’s wrong with her?


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She is jealous, my sister is the same so I don't tell her about anything good in my life.

She may be insecure....Unless you cry poor sometimes? Then rack up expensive purchases?

 I never cry poor and I don’t rack up expensive purchases. My holidays are done on a budget in my own state or sometimes to Bali for a week. I bought a car that was second hand five years ago. She just acts funny when I do these things. Like I shouldn’t be allowed to do things like that because I don’t have the money she has.
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Jealousy is terrible, but then maybe its not really about the money, maybe its more that your husband wants to do these things with you and you both make it work with your budget, maybe her husband just throws cash her way to keep her happy and really what she wants is for him to spend time with her?

 So true, people are so complex. Jealousy could be coming from many potential angles/sources.
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 Exactly. Next time maybe try a different tactic with her. You could try 'My hubby cleaned the house on the weekend, it was amazing and he even made me breakfast in bed, i felt so spoilt.' See how she reacts to that, it may help you understand that sometimes people are a holes for no reason and just need to feel more important. Money is always a big issue for most people as everyone usually earns different amounts and it could be for the same job. Her inlaws may be well off however they may look like it but could have massive amounts of debts also?
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Sounds like jealously. Sounds like she’s unhappy with her life. Don’t let it get you down. If she is going to be so pathetic

 Agree with this.
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