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What is the size of your boobs? Do you think they're too, big, too small, Just right?


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Size is irrelevant.

I LOVE my boobies. Wouldn't change anything about them.

I ADORE them for feeding and nourishing my 2 children as babies. For filling their bellies, for bonding time and for growing their beautiful little lives.

Yep, my titties rock!!!

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I was a 12B before kids, after feeding my 2 I have had so much trouble finding comfy bras that fit that aren't just crop tops. Finally found a couple, one is 14A, others are 14B. Size is fine, I don't really think about it, always been happy with what I've got I guess.

I think I'm around a 12DD.
I'm happy with my boobs, but I've recently gained a few kgs, so my tummy and boobs have gotten bigger.
I wish I could lose my tummy fat without losing my boobs lol.

 Me too!
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14H - too big. If it is too hard to easily find decent bras, then they are too big and a nuisance for me.

I thought they were a DD but they keep coming out the tops of the cups so its probably time to move up to an E. I hate bras and bra shopping with passion so please pray for me 😂

 I know it's horrible isn't it. I go from DD to E sometimes too. It depends on the brand for me :)
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8A and saggy and empty after breastfeeding. I’ll be getting a boob job hopefully this year, hoping to achieve a c-d cup

Too big. They are G cup.

 Wowee. My sister was the same. She ended up having a breast reduction
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I'm a 10C, I never wish my boobs were bigger or smaller, they just do the job.

Hahaha 6a - bras don’t even fit me properly.
Tooo smallll. But with the right resources - they can be some what deceiving

Don’t even know the size. I’ve lost weight, breastfeed two babies and now they’re saggy pieces of Shite.
I can’t stand them :(

 ^^ 💋🦋💜❤😍🥰✌🌞💋🌈🌻
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